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OMG. WANT!!! No... NEEED!!
This new GHD tickles my fancy because.... WOW. Just... WOW! It looks AMAZING. The colours are stunning... it reminds me of a peacock (which is my favorite bird) and the GHD is the only hair iron that gives me perfect curls every time! This particular GHD is GORGEOUS and absolutely ruffles all of my feathers ???? Would love to win this stunning product to style my mass of untamed feathers in future! Just... WOW. I know I've overused that word in this review but I just can't get over how insanely beautiful it is!
Love love LOVE this! ???? Ok I think I've reached my exclamation point limit for the day so I'll just end my review here ????

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Raeesa2912 Written by Raeesa2912
June 23, 2014
Ok those question marks were actually android emoticons which I only realised that they don't work here after I posted my review... sorry about that
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