Is keeping your body and intimate area feeling clean and fresh TOPS when it comes to the changes you’re going through during puberty? Are you looking for one product that you can use on your whole body without worrying about disrupting your intimate pH? Then we have the product for you!


YOU’RE INVITED to opt-in, and trial the NEW GynaGuard Moisturising Daily Gentle Intimate Body Washes for teens while normalizing the conversation on puberty, its changes and intimate hygiene #KnowledgeIsGrlPower

GynaGuard understands puberty and proper hygiene habits so they know that using a regular soap does a good job of cleaning your body, but it’s not specially designed for the unique pH level of your intimate area and could potentially affect it.

With that in mind, GynaGuard has launched their NEW Moisturising Daily Gentle Intimate Body Washes for Teens.

Apply now for the #KnowledgeIsGrlPower Project running from 13 – 30 June

GynaGuard’s NEW Moisturising Daily Gentle Intimate Body Washes for teens are: 

💗Mild enough to use on your intimate area too 

💗Soap-free so eases itching, dryness, and irritation 

💗Simple and easy to use with a convenient pump bottle 

💗Formulated with Vitamin E and probiotics – leaving intimate area soothed, moisturised and hydrated

💗Available in two variations: fragrance-free & lightly scented. 

Who are we looking for?

Tuned-in teen girls going through puberty, ready to have an open conversation on intimate hygiene.

We want YOU to put these body washes to the test and give us your final verdict: Are they a confidence booster?