GynaGuard #KnowledgeIsGrlPower Project Wrap Up

Puberty comes with all kinds of changes, including the way your body looks and even the way you think it smells. These changes are normal as your body prepares to enter womanhood, but lots of girls worry about them.  

GynaGuard understands puberty and that proper hygiene habits need to be adopted early. They also know that using a regular soap does a good job of cleaning your body, but it’s not specially designed for the unique pH level of your intimate area and could potentially affect this intimate area’s skin. 

With that in mind, GynaGuard has launched their NEW Moisturising Daily Gentle Intimate Body Washes for Teens.
Beauty Bulletin selected a team of knowledgeable teen girls and moms of teen girls who understood the struggle and the concern around the topic of puberty, hygiene & comfort.  

Through them opening up about their relatable puberty experiences, knowledge and advice, they have empowered their followers to gain control and confidence whilst normalising the conversation around puberty and all its possible changes. 

The Trial Team 

They’re the drivers of confidence, empowerment and important conversations! Our influential Gyna Grls were Moms, Teens and Influencers with a teen audience who had loads of puberty knowledge to share. Think confidence-boosting, relatable puberty stories, and simple advice on teen body hygiene habits.

Week One’s Story

REALfluencers got up close and personal on the topic of puberty, and introduced the NEW GynaGuard Teen Body Washes! The relatable, inspiring stories and conversations created a buzz in the comments with followers dying to know where to purchase themselves some GynaGuard.

Week Two’s Story

For this post, REALfluencers shared personal hygiene tips and puberty advice, along with the lowdown on what makes GynaGuard so great. Our REALfluencers created a safe space for puberty conversations of all kinds, resulting in really positive feedback from our Moms and Teens alike.

Even if they weren’t a teen, followers expressed how they’re definitely keeping their eye out for GynaGuard in the shops for their teen sisters, nieces and even their partners.

Week Three’s Story

The #KnowledgeIsGrlPower E-vent had arrived and was a world of fun and Grl Power! REALfluencers tapped into teaching mode and produced fun, light and quirky text-in-videos that educated followers about pH and the role pH plays in maintaining vaginal health and balance.  

REAlfluencers’ content proved to be super insightful and informative, whilst still maintaining the importance of the conversation. Our Moms in the comments shared their favourite aspects about the GynaGuard body washes for their teens, with the gentleness on the skin being a stand-out factor.

Week Four’s Story

REAlfluencers shared their final thoughts on the GynaGuard Teen Body Washes in a fun, final feed post. Through this experience, REALfluencers realised that GynaGuard has really made their hygiene routines simple and the perfect partner for intimate wellness. GynaGuard left them feeling fresh, and most importantly, confident!

About GynaGuard Teen Body Washes

GynaGuard Daily Gentle Body Wash is specially formulated for moisturising and refreshing your body while delicately cleansing and maintaining your intimate skin’s natural pH balance. In order to stay fresh, including on days when girls have their period- leaving you feeling confident! 


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