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Micellar Miracle
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This product was totally new to me. I have always used wipes to remove makeup or just simply cleanse my face. I found that using wipes did not guarantee 100% removal of makeup. So I would still have to wash my face after wiping most of the product off. So I had to test it out.

I already have sensitive skin and it is vital to make sure that all the make I have on is completely removed. I only wear makeup on weekends or for events but usually at the end of the night I'm too exhausted to even wash my face, hence the convenience of a wipe.

The first test Micellar had to go through was removing eye makeup. I had mascara and liner for the day and my mascara is so waterproof it usually only comes off the next morning with soap and vaseline. Micellar not only removed the product but my eyes didn't burn and they were not dry at all. I didn't need to moisturise either but I did out of habit. The next morning i didn't have any flaky bits of my mascara on my face and I didn't have racoon eyes either.

I had a full face of makeup on for an event and this was going to be the next test. I found that using the cleansing water with a cotton ball means you have to go through a lot of cotton balls. The strength of Micellars 'removing power' lifts the makeup instantly. So after just one swipe you can end up wiping the product around on your face. I would suggest cotton rounds. I only used three on both sides.

This is a fantastic product! It hydrates, it's ever so gentle, and if you have fussy skin like mine it does not have fragrances that will irritate the skin. If you love dramatic eye looks this product will wipe it away much faster than putting on the makeup. Did I mention it comes in a huge bottle! So your basically getting quantity and quality at an awesome price.

Buy it! its fantastic!

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