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Fame - Lady Gaga
October 16, 2012    

I was so excited to learn that Beauty Bulletin had once again chosen me to review one of their new exciting products, but i was overjoyed when i learnt it was Lady Gaga's new fragrance, FAME. So, imagine my horror when i collected my package only to find a small sample...ungrateful you might think, but no, the only reason why i was horrified is because i wanted MORE!!!!! :)

I was expecting something very dark, musky an unusual just like the pop queen herself, yet was quite surprised when i sprayed it on only to find it light, citrusy and very elegant, probably one of the most flattering fragrances i have smelt to date. and, in true Gaga style, she has managed once again to shock everyone and do the unexpected to what she is known or thought to do. From her elaborate and very weird ad showcasing her new perfume, to the bottle, even to the initial liquid inside which is black of colour yet leaves no stain or residue on your body or clothes, this is the complete opposite to the pure smell which comes from the bottle.

All in all, a unique, unexpected treat from the queen of crazy and i look forward to seeing what else she comes up with in the future.

and obviously on that lovely smelling note, all i can say is i went "GAGA" over this fragrance :)

Thanks Beauty Bulletin

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