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Thomas Sabo Charm Rose Eau de Parfum
January 20, 2015    
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A rose by any other name ...

Ah, roses. I might sound cliche, but NOTHING cheers me up than a bouquet of colourful roses in my house, on my desk, in a garden, or anywhere else. So whenever a new fragrance pops up with 'rose' in its name and notes, I can't help but want.

Thomas Sabo Charm Rose was one of those fragrances that I had to try. People can be very apprehensive about rose, they either love it or find it a bit overpowering. I have to say that this scent reaches a perfect compromise between 'not too rosy' and 'rose lover's paradise'.

While this scent reminded me of the notes I loved in high school and early student days (in a good way!), I don't mind being charmed by the fruity top notes and middle note filled with a variety of quality rose fragrances. This is SUCH an uplifting summery scent that you can wear to school, class, office, or even on that highly anticipated first date with the beau of your dreams.

And speaking of which, it's almost that time of year ... Valentines Day! (and tons of birthdays!), so if you are a bit dumbstruck on what to get a special girl friend, or a teenage daughter, look no further, because this is one of those sweet, yet subtle fragrances that will sit well with most ladies.

The rosy sweetness wears off to reveal a subtle, sexy scent of vanilla and rosewood. Definitely a beautiful fragrance and such a beautiful, girly bottle to add to your dressing table!

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