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Thomas Sabo Charm Kiss Eau de Parfum
January 20, 2015    
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A kiss in a bottle - perfect for Valentines Day!

I am very skeptical when a brand known for one area of expertise ventures into another. Thomas Sabo is known for delicate, elegant charms and I was a bit like 'mmm, another novelty scent' when I heard about the launch, but exactly what happens with a first kiss, I was won over.

Before I even took off the cap to take a whiff, I was enchanted by the beautiful bottle, encased in a round box, on a bed of pink satin, embellished with a charm, of course. It was ... well, romance at first sight, because looks matter, hey.

But then I got mesmerised by the complex, yet soft notes combined into one tiny bottle: when you smell the fragrance at first, you are charmed by notes of strawberries, berries and even a hint of champagne and crisp apple - pretty much the perfect romantic date summed up in a palette of fragrances.

When you spritz the fragrance onto your delicate wrist, the romance suddenly intensifies and gets a tad darker, as all relationships do ... the exotic middle notes of dark chocolate and vanilla breaks through to ensure you that this is not going to be a frilly, innocent affair ...

and right before you are about to write this fragrance off as a 'one spritz stand', the final notes of comforting resin, sandalwood and musk pop up to assure you that this scent is not an affair to forget.

To explain my experience in layman's terms instead of Mills and Boons mockery for those non-romantics among us: it's a beautiful fragrance. If you are looking for something that captures your girly spirit, but lingers into the elegant woman you're meant to be, this is it.

*starts saving up the cash monies and hinting to the boyfriend to get me this*

Peace, love, and ... a Thomas Sabo Charm Kiss,

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