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Katy Perry Killer Queen’s Royal Revolution
October 21, 2014    
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The Revolutionary Elixir

Royal Revolution
In a world where fairytales have become nothing more than stories for little girls and most countries no longer have a royal family ruling them, the idea of royalty has slowly faded into a distant dream. However, for those out there, who, like me are still intrigued by the grace and beauty that royalty portrays, the dream is still alive. Unfortunately for me the dream was just too far from my reality. I am the girl in the black clothes and combat boots. I have the dark eyeliner and bold lipstick. My style choices are risky at best, which often means I have a very hard time marrying my dreamy, romantic side with my edgy goth,tomboy style.

I had come to accept that I would never truly experience the feminine, elegance of a princess, leave alone a queen. Fairy tales just weren't part of my destiny. That is until I opened the surprise package that appeared at my door in October. Inside lay the answer to my conflict. A fragrant elixir in an edgy blue yet feminine bottle called out to my inner princess. It drew me in and whispered promises of far away kingdoms and gorgeous balls. At the same time the strong, sexy scent of blackthorn wafting out of the bottle spoke to my darker side.

For the first time in my life, one tiny bottle of dreams agreed with both my goth and feminine side. Never before had my idea of royalty been so shaken up. No longer was I thinking of royalty as the those perfect, untouchable Disney princesses. Instead I was picturing a hot, sexy and sassy Queen. The type of woman who knows what she wants, will demand and she shall receive.
The fragrance was the confidence booster I needed. I was finally able to express both sides of my personality without feeling self-conscious. Basically, the new Katy Perry perfume is an elixir that will demand a style revolution forcing you to embrace your inner queen.
Truly a Royal Revolution.

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mia shaik Written by mia shaik
October 29, 2014
Winning review !!
In reply to an earlier comment

RaeesahBelle Written by RaeesahBelle
October 29, 2014
Fingers crossed :P
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