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Katy Perry Rocks Her Killer Queen Fragrance
November 07, 2013    
(Updated: July 02, 2015)
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"She's a Killer Queen..." Katy Perry's New Fragrance!

I have never tried a celebrity fragrance so I was over the moon when I saw we would be reviewing Katy Perry's new fragrance!

I was so attracted to the colours of the packaging... the red, gold and black... it definitely makes you think of royalty.
The first time I sprayed the perfume, I was a bit overwhelmed. The scent is extremely sweet and overpowering at first. My boyfriend wasn't too impressed either.
After a little while, the smell started to fade and we both agreed that it smelt A LOT better.
I found that even though it was overwhelming at first, then smelt amazing after awhile, it faded very quickly. Within about 4 hours the smell was almost completely gone.
I don't know if I'd purchase this perfume due to the scent not lasting long but I think this is going to be a hit with many fans! xxx

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rochkay Written by rochkay
October 22, 2013
So weird, with me the smell did not want to go away! And my boyfriend also does not like it! And I agree, it is extremely sweet! Don't know if I would want to wait for base notes every time I use it! LOL
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