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The perfect fragrance can capture your mood, lift your spirits, boost your confidence and tap into your happiest memories. So have you met your match?

Avon is the No.1 fragrance brand in South Africa with a broad variety of scents that have been crafted by master perfumers. From seductive oriental and sultry gourmand notes to warming woods and flirtatious florals, there is something for every mood and occasion.


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Avon Far Away Gold
Avon Fragrances
May 22, 2018    
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Far away gold


When I opened the box of this fragrance and I saw the bottle I didn't want to open it & start using it because it's so cute you just want to put it on a pedestal for display. I love the whole packing as well it's glamorous.

The scent is seductive, strong and rich. I feel like this fragrance is made for strong and independent women. It's a very sophisticated fragrance.
I wore it when I went out with my boyfriend, the beach and a Photoshoot. I enjoyed wearing it the most when I went out with my boyfriend because he likes the scent and for the Photoshoot because it's long lasting and i kept smelling it during the shoot. I usually wear floral scents but for this review I decided to challenge myself and try something different so I can give an honest first impression and not a review based on something that I'm used to. Also I've been seeing myself outgrow certain things and my personality shifting so #AvonBeSensational caught me at a good stage in my life where I'm embracing change and growing. With that being said I love this sophisticated fragrance. I haven't decided which one is my favorite yet so keep an eye on my next review to find out which one I liked the most.

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