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The perfect fragrance can capture your mood, lift your spirits, boost your confidence and tap into your happiest memories. So have you met your match?

Avon is the No.1 fragrance brand in South Africa with a broad variety of scents that have been crafted by master perfumers. From seductive oriental and sultry gourmand notes to warming woods and flirtatious florals, there is something for every mood and occasion.


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Avon Far Away Gold
Avon Fragrances
May 22, 2018    
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Avon Far Away Gold + Review

The scent is the strongest tie to a memory sexy, sensual and seductive are the words that best describe this scent am currently have on. I have to be honest I find it very difficult to pick a perfect scent for me ...Some woman prefers to have one signature scent which I find very boring, your scent should match your current mood and how to feeling ...

This particular scent makes me feel very sexy with its, ylang-ylang, jasmine and vanilla & woods it's not hard to fall in love with this scent.

If you want something new and fresh this scent is the best way to do that. To have a scent that continues to get better as the day progresses, reaching its full potential after a good couple of hours as it's had time to really warm into my skin.

What I do is I use this scent when am going to have a long night out with my girls It clings to my clothes I don't have to worry of it feeding away as the night continues ...actually the scent gets better with time. If you are a woman who loves warm scent then this is for you

Juicy peach and luminous freesia mingled with Indian jasmine and finished with seductive sandalwood is a mood and I do highly recommend it.

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Avon Far Away Gold + Review
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