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Caribbean Tan Tanning Spritzer
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August 25, 2015    
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Self tan made easy!

I have repurchased this product numerous times as I am yet to find a self-tanner that is as easy to use as this one. There are no weird creams involved which stain your palms, towels and floor. What I LOVE about this product is that you don't really have to know what you are doing or work very precisely either. I just basically stand in my tub with my legs bare and start spraying up and down in lines till everything is covered. If you don't like the applicator that comes with, use a normal washcloth. So one line of spray, then wipe off the excess and repeat...

I have naturally darker skin so in summer I use the C shade which is the darkest and it works wonders. I tan perfectly all over my body except for my lower legs so everything beneath my knees are always white...especially my shins. The smell isn't too horrid and you can see a slight INSTANT tan upon application which helps for locating missed spots. It does get much darker over a few hours and stays that way for about a week. So once a week application isn't too bad.

It wears off very evenly if applied with some care. If you need an intense tan...apply daily for 3-5 days in a row and you will be shocked!!! Nothing orange though, always perfectly golden. Great for keeping some sort of colour to your skin in winter. I have not needed to try any other brand since discovering the easy of using this product for my pale legs!

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