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Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore and Shine Daily Facial Scrub

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore and Shine Daily Facial Scrub Hot

September 03, 2014  
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Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore and Shine Daily Facial Scrub

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A daily Face scrub/wash


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visibly clear pore and shine daily facial scrub

After trying the face wash , I went and bought the facial scrub and I was really impressed. It made my skin smooth and soft and I noticed that my face don't get oily so fast .

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Neutrogena visibly even

Neutrogena Visibly even daily scrub 1. Helps tighten to pores: it has exfoliating micro-beads and salicylic acid and cleanses deep down to give you visibly refined-looking skin.
2. Mattifies the skin: its unique formula reduces shine by immediately removing 77%2 of excess sebum.

This product has a deliciously fresh tangerine and lime scent that is sure to add an uplifting kick to your cleansing regime.

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(Updated: September 03, 2014)
Overall rating 

Neutrogena® Visibly Clear Pore and Shine Daily Scrub

What the product claims to do:

Helps tighten pores: with its exfoliating micro-beads and salicylic acid, it cleanses deep down to unclog pores for visibly refined-looking skin.Its fresh tangerine & lime scent provides an incredibly uplifting cleansing experience.

Visibly reduces shine: the formula is clinically proven to immediately remove 77%* of excess sebum and provide a lasting matte effect without over-drying the skin.

For me it did the following:
The first few times I used it the smell was amazing and I really thought it made my skin feel clean and fresh. However after using if for a week my skin started to break out in spots and this continued to happen for 3 weeks after the 1st week so my skin really didn't agree with the product.

I did however have no problem with an oily "T" like normal so that's a plus.
I would recommend this to someone who doesn't have a sensitive skin like mine and someone that battles with oiliness.

Thank you for the opportunity to review this product.

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Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily Face Scrub

Hello beauties So The Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily Scrub aims to target problematic skin helping to reduce pores and leave the face free from shine.I put this to the test!

I suffer from oily skin so this is perfect for my skin!!!

Heavenly smell,so refreshing with fruity scents of Tangerine and Lime!!!yummy right!!! Nice and easy flip cap tube packaging,Beautiful creamy and runny consistency with little soft blue beads to exfoliate the skin.

Used once daily as indicated,apply small amount onto wet face,massaging,really working it into my problem areas. It creates a perfect lather which feels good. Its such a pleasure to use and it rinses off well!!!

After using this scrub I could notice the effect on my skin almost instantly!!!My skin definitely felt much more matte,smoother,soft,less oily,it reduced shine and the spots that I had are now gone Yay!!!,my skin also seems more even, feels a lot cleaner and healthier!!!I haven't gotten any breakouts since using it!!!and my mother has commented as well saying how beautiful and healthy my skin is looking lately. Love it!!!

Shall I recommend this?Absolutely!!! If you suffer with oily skin like I do then definitely try it out,hopefully you would love the results as much as I do and the price is really worth it!!! I would definitely be adding this to my beauty must-have items!!!Thanks Beauty Bulletin and Neutrogena!!! Until next time beauties...xoxo

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Neutrogena - visibly clear pore & shine daily scrubs

The very first time I used it I can say my skin felt refreshed,it was the first time my skin felt like that.

Its smells so good.
Its texture is amazing,it doesn't dry out the skin & its also gentle.
When I saw that you only used it once a day I was like #WHAT!!!

Believe me it works better than those products that you use twice a day.

My skin is less oily now and feels refreshed. It tighten pores & mattifies the skin.
I wish I had known about it a long time ago!!

I just love it,its an amazing product,for people like me,people who have a problem of oily skins.

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Neutrogena Face Scrub for Pores and Shine

First thing that you notice about this product is the smell - omiword!! It smells so fruity and delicious that I was almost tempted to eat it...almost.

The product feels good on your skin. It didn't burn or cause any redness for me and my skin can be quite sensitive. There are enough "scrubbies" in the product to exfoliate your skin but not make it feel like your face is being sandpapered. My skin doesn't feel oily when I use this product and the only breakouts I had were hormone related.

I definitely found it gentle enough to use daily and it blended seamlessly into my skincare routine.

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Neutrogena Face Scrub for Pores and Shine

I've been happily trying out the Neutrogena scrub for the past two weeks. I have mixed emotions about it as I initially wanted to be in love as soon as I set eyes on the lovely product. Here are my pros and cons:

The amazing smell as soon as you open the tube, I looked forward to this small pleasure every morning!
After massaging it onto my face I could feel the effect of how soft and nourishing the product is.
The amount you use is so small that it really is value for money!
It made putting on my foundation easier as my skin was softer after the scrub.

My face is naturally red before make up which is why I always use a CC cream, however, after using this, I felt it more difficult to cover up the redness that it created.
My face became super shiny and very noticeable in photos, I never had this problem before using the scrub.

Although I wanted to love this product so much, my skin just didn't feel the same way.

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(Updated: August 05, 2014)

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily Scrub double action

I recently received the Neutragena Pore& Shine scrub from Beauty Bulletin. It says that it visibly reduces the appearance of pores and helps lessen the amount of sebum produced by 70%.
I have been using it daily only in the morning since receiving it and it works amazingly, I have seen a difference in how oily my skin usually is to how it looks now at the end of the day.
It smells amazing and with the big granules it doesn't feel too hash unlike other daily scrubs. It has a smooth creamy feel that I LOVE!!
I have been using it with facial sponge for a week and without the sponge for another week and either way it works and makes my skin super soft and smell amazingly fresh.
I do have sensitive skin so many products i cannot use but this one i do like. no flakiness or dry feeling afterwards.
What i do feel is my skin feels a lot tighter after washing, toning and moisturizing, but at the end of the day my skin looks visibly clear, pores are not as prominent and not as oily after a long day. If you have oily skin and have sensitive skin to add then is is perfect to use daily, I have already purchased another bottle, so glad Beauty Bulletin gave me the chance to test it before buying. Worth the purchase!!

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Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily Scrub double action

i have received my package late yesterday afternoon , so ive only used it twice , last night and this morning . its still too early to tell obviously , but it worked immediately ! it left my skin refreshed and feeling softer and smoother as well as removed all the excess oils (i have super oily skin)

i have noticed that it also contains salicylic acid which is a bonus for me , as i suffer from mild acne , so i have a few blemishes which i need to get rid of , hopefully this gem does the trick

the smell is also fantastic , fresh and awakening .. i will do a follow up post as the days progress

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Visibly Clear Pore and Shine Daily scrub

At the moment I will rate this product 3 because I only used it for three days. So far I can feel my skin soft and clean, no excess oils as I am very oily. I noticed the different from the second day of using it. I will continue using it till I see the best results of it. The smell is so good and refreshing.

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Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily scrub

When I received my little package, I was over the moon by the fact that it would be my first beauty review. Excited to such an extent that I literally ripped it open and rushed to the bathroom so I could take my 'Facescrub-Selfie.

Directions for use: Massage onto a wet face once a day and rinse thoroughly.

As I opened the bottle I could already smell the Tangerine and Lime notes. I wet my face and took a small amount of product on my hands and started gradually massaging it onto my face. I loved the microbeads. It makes me feel like my face is actually being cleaned. After feeling satisfied with all the rubbing, I lightly splashed my face with water and watched the product easily just rinse off. No residue or harsh wiping needed. After lightly wiping with a towel, I could immediately see the difference. My skin appeared brighter and I felt like a star I finally get the whole "glow thing" pregnant women talk about. I walked into the kitchen and my mom had noticed too. Excess oils on my face was removed and effectively so.

I left the product in the bathroom as I have since been using it for about 4 days and my brother who is very finicky about face wash seems to be enjoying it too.

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