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Photoderm max tinted sunblock
Protection, SPF Creams
September 04, 2013    

Photoderm 50+

This product would have received 5 stars if its claims were a little lower, and a little truer to what a sun protectant can actually do for you.

My dermatologist recommended this to me to protect my skin while on Accutane. My skin is pretty nice now, and I do believe this product helped me avoid permanent sun damage.

Although it was moisturising and left my skin very soft while on the treatment, I felt it to be too oily once my course was over. Also it did not prevent darkening of my medium-dark toned indian skin and left a slight milky film over it when applied. The water resistance in it is not high and NEEDS to be reapplied after a swim.

However, this is still the best sunscreen I have ever tried and I still keep a bottle of the spray version handy to combat that Durban December sun. Where my dad's skin burns and peels of in the ruthless coastal heat, my skin stays soft and supple, if just a few shades darker.

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