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March 31, 2014  
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Nearly there

I found the product inconsistent. It is easily absorbed. It does work but on certain days i found it too rich for humid hot weather.

I agree with the jar, can become contaminated. My jars lid broke by the third week. Not well made.

Loved the consistency, feel and smell

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Justine Daily Skincare-Mattifying Range Final Review

Justine Daily Skincare Ranges caters and cares for every kind of skin under the sun. These 3 minute, 3 step ranges come in 5 varieties which are;

1. Balancing: for a normal/combination skin- which may have an oily T-zone and skin texture appears to be normal to matte.
2. Hydrating: for a dry skin-skin dehydrates quick and may feel tight lacking radiance.
3. Mattifying (THE RANGE I RECEIVED): for oily skin- skin may have enlarged pores which are prone to blackheads and pimples.
4. Soothing: for sensitive/dry skin- skin may react to skincare products, prone to patches and redness.
5. Perfecting: for uneven skin tone- helps with dark marks, blemishes and discolorations.

I have found a definite improvement in using the Mattifying range the past month. My pores have tightened leaving my skin less prone to blackheads. I have received numerous complements on my `glowing` skin which is not due to its previous oiliness problems NO, its because my skin is much healthier.

I love this mattifying range because the clay cleanser is so soothing on my skin and it doesnt cause my skin to breakout at all. The range is simple and easy enough to use every day in just a few minutes which makes it convenient and hassle free.

I am investing in buying the night cream which will help my skin even more so in a recovery process which is more active during sleep.

Ladies, I would definitely recommend purchasing and using the suitable Justine range for your skin as its a great investment in your skin and its value for money!!

Thank you Justine and Beauty Bulletin my skin is amazing and the results speaks for itself! ;-)

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Anything could happen

Finally, a product I am happy to keep trying.

After many years ( and plenty of wasted money) I can happily report that Justine's Mattifying range has so far delivered on its promise to give me clearer, oil-free skin.

I have tried just about everything on the market and have yet to fond something that is easy to use and actually works.

3 steps, 3 minutes and going onto 3 weeks of use - I am smitten!

Watch my quick snippet to see how quick and easy this range is to use.
With Justine "anything can happen" - even convince me to believe in skincare miracles

1. The clay cleanser really feels like it is cleaning your skin and removing dirt and impurities. The thick clay-like consistency really draws out the dirt and even using it as a mask has been successful.

2. The toner is easy to apply, smells like cucumbers and leaves the skin feeling tight and with a slight tingle.

3. the SPF day cream has a gel consistency. Easy to apply and quickly absorbed, it balances the potential drying effect the cleanser and toner could have. On very humid days it seemed to be a bit rich so I just used smaller amounts or used it at night.

I felt like I was treating my skin and even after long hot days or days where were were sweaty and working in the sun, the matte promise was fulfilled. No oil slick!!

Been nearly 3 weeks and so far I have been very impressed with the products.


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Justine Mattifying Day Cream SPF15

This day cream is somewhere between a cream and a gel. It feels very light on my skin and it sinks in immediately. My skin feels fresh, soft and smooth when applied. This cream is perfect for my skin during the very hot summer months, but I will need something a bit more nourishing during winter when my skin becomes a drier. I really like the fact that the cream's scent is very feint. I don't like heavily scented facial products. Unfortunately I have to deduct points for the fact that it comes in a jar. Even if it is a beautiful jar that looks quite luxurious. All in all, this is a great moisturiser for oily skin.

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Justine Mattifying Toning Lotion

Justine has done a great job with this toner. Many toners for oily skin has left my skin feeling tight or dried out. This one does not! My skin is left feeling invigorated and fresh. I am very happy with the fact that it does not contain any alcohol. This is a great product - effective, affordable and the packaging is pretty.

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Justine Mattifying Clay Cleanser for oily skin

I was super excited to see that the Justine Mattifying cleanser is in fact a clay cleanser. I have never tried a clay cleanser before, so I couldn't wait to get home and wash my face. As far as I understand, clay is added to cleansers for oily skin to aid absorption of excess oil. At the same time I was a bit worried that the cleanser may turn out to be a bit too drying. My skin becomes very oily during summer, whilst still dehydrated. I am very pleased with the results of this cleanser!

The cleanser itself looks a bit like a clay mask and not your typical gel, milk or cream cleanser. You squeeze a little bit of the cleanser from the tube, and add bit of water to it in the palm of your hand and then continue to wash your face. Make sure to use only a tiny bit. A little goes a very long way and the 150ml tube is really going to last forever. The cleanser feels more like a cream cleanser whilst using it. And it feels very invigorating on your skin as it contains menthol. After I remove the cleanser with a face cloth, I can see and feel that my skin is super clean and purified.

I think this cleanser is brilliant for oily skin and I highly recommend it! It is very effective and very affordable. Well done, Justine!

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Justine Mattyfying Range

I received the Justine Mattyfying range as I opted for something that could help me with my oily skin problem I have.
First off the packaging is quite lovely, turquoise in colour, products open with easy except for my Day cream which I kind of destroyed the lid in the first week because of it having trouble to open!

And ladies, it’s true, within 3 minutes you can complete an ease every day beauty routine in cleaning your skin and giving it the nurturing it needs.

Let’s start with the Clay Cleanser for all ages which Is quite nice. It’s the first time I’ve ever used a Clay cleanser, so I was not sure how much to apply the first time around, but about 1cm worth is enough to get you by. Applying it to a wet face I used circular movements in spreading it all around. The product has Bentonite and Menthol it which you can clearly feel after you’ve rinsed your face off with luke warm water. I love the tingling feeling afterwards as it gives me the image of my skin getting a change to breath!

Next up, using your Mattyifing toner on a cotton wheel, i felt that it cleaned off all the excess make up my cleanser did not get off which was quite alarming but relieving at the same time. So I know my skin is rid of all excess foundation. The toner tones, purifies and detoxifies the skin as we live one dirty world ladies, and we need to get that out of our skins on a daily basis.
You can use this toner mornings and evenings before you use your day cream/night cream.
And please avoid your sensitive eye area!

Last but not least I only received the Day cream with a SPF 15 in it to try. The consistency is just a tad bit too runny for me, but a little dab of your ring finger is just enough to moisturise your skin. The result of the Day Gel is to let your skin appear clearer and less oily. The key ingredients are Vitamin E, a unique sunscreen complex and a “vloekwoord” Larrea divericata extract ?
Important thing here is to only use this in the mornings as I don’t think using a day cream at night is such a good idea because of the SPF in it. Except if you are sleeping with you lights on hey?

All in all and easy product to use, no hassles no fuss. I have found my skin to be a taaaaaad bit less oily during the day, but here by 13:00 I do find that my skin wants to start shining again.

I have really enjoyed review this product and will continue using it until its ‘Oppelala’
Thanks for reading ladies!

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Overall rating 

Justine Mattifying Skin Care Range for Oily Skin

I received the Justine Mattifying Skin Care Range for Oily Skin to review. The products I got were a clay cleanser, toning lotion and day cream. There is also a night cream in the range, but I have not tested that out.

Justine has five different ranges for skin care, covering all skin types. There is Mattifying for oily skin, Hydrating for dry skin, Balancing for combination skin, Soothing for sensitive skin, and Perfecting for those of you who suffer from dark spots.

I have tried this product out twice a day for just over two weeks now, and for the most part I must say that I am impressed.

The packaging is a lovely mint green colour, and each product shows which number step it is via little highlighted green blocks IE the cleanser is block one, the toner block two and the day cream block three.

The cleanser is a clay cleanser, and has a thick consistency. A little goes a long way with this, and I find that it does quite a good job in removing oil from my face, and giving it a good deep cleanse.

The toner is alcohol-free, which I love. As someone who suffers from oily skin, I find that an alcohol-based toner works well at first by stripping the skin of oil, but the skin tends to then get too dried out and produces even more oil, leaving me in a worse position than I was before! This toner is different, and although I do feel tightness on my face after using it, I don't feel like it has dried my skin out.

The day cream has SPF 15 which is an absolute must for me. It is sort of gel-like in consistency, which I also like. The only thing that I am not 100% sold on is that it does leave my skin a bit shiny, but it's more of a "healthy glow" look rather than an "oil slick" look! I would, however, prefer if it left my skin completely matt.

All in all I think it is a good skin range for oily skin. I have found that the redness in my skin has also been reduced.

Mattifying Skin Care Range.gif
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Me Minutes with Justine Matifying Face Mask,Toner and Day cream

I have been reviewing my Justine 3 Minute Matifying products for three weeks now and the results are amazing . The very day I received my products and tried them and instantly felt refreshed . My skin was no llonger oily and felt tight and cleansed.This simple product is so effective I am even considering stopping the use of my other products as I feel so satisfied with this product .What makes it even better is that it is such value for money and doesnt take up so much of your day , when they say three minutes they mean three minutes as that is all it takes for beautifuyl matified skin. The packaging is also beautiful and very classy and gives the feel of spa products so you can feel like you going to the spa everyday. I will definetly recomend this product to my freinds and family.

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Overall rating 

Good quality products for oily skin

I was sent the range as part of a review program. I was very excited to try it as the Justine range is usually of high quality and I am always searching for the perfect product to rebalance my very oily, shiny skin.
The products are easy to apply and it literally takes 3 minutes to do the full routine. Any busy lady can fit this into her morning and evening.

The packaging is very attractive and is a lovely mint green colour. The cleanser is clay based and absorbs oil well and rinses off easily. However, despite being very oily, my skin did feel quite tight after cleansing, so I would not advise anyone with anything other than very oily skin from using it.
The toner is my favourite product out of the range. I never really see the point of toners before, but this one really did a great job of restoring the PH of my skin and easing the tightness I felt after cleansing. I would definitely recommend this product and would go so far as to say that it is essential if you are using this particular cleanser.

The moisturiser has a very light, gel-like texture. It absorbs quickly and easily and left my skin feeling wonderfully soft and nourished. However, it did leave a distinct shine on my skin and since it is marketed as a mattifying product, I have to deduct points for this. It does a great job as a moisturiser but is NOT mattifying, so if shine is your main concern as it is mine, then you will need to follow up with some face powder afterwards to blot your skin.

Overall summary:
Good quality products, a little goes a long way so they are cost-effective. Themoisturiser nourishes and moisturises your skin well but is not mattifying and leaves your face looking shiny. after use.

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Overall rating 

Justine Mattifying Daily Skin Care Range

I have been using the Cleanser, Toner and Day cream for a week and I am not yet completely sold. The Cleanser is perfect, as it contains clay which absorbs excess oil and leaves my face squeaky clean. The toner is refreshing on the skin and dries quickly. The day cream is my concern, it feels oily when applied and although it is easily absorbed still feels a bit icky and looks shiny. On the plus side, it has an SPF15. All the products smell fantastic. Will continue using and determine if my face needs some getting used to the day cream.

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Justine Me Minute

I have always wanted to try out Justine Products but when you work in a salon you tend to stick to products that are available there so when I received the Balancing range I was very excited.
I was given the Balancing Gel Cleanser , Balancing Toner and Balancing spf 15 day cream.

Step 1: Balancing Foaming cleanser.
This gentle foaming cleanser removes all impurities even makeup ( I have tried it instead of eye makeup remover and works brilliantly for days you in a rush. It is gentle enough to soothe the skin but effective enough to remove all impurities and soothe the skin. It does not leave the skin feeling tight like many other foaming cleansers either which for me was a big plus.
Directions: squeeze a small amount onto fingertips and mix with a lukewarm water till it starts to foam, massage gently onto the skin to remove all traces of makeup and Impurities.

Balancing Toning Lotion
I have never been a toner fan, purely because they all leave me feeling tight even if had moisturizer on after. This has a very pleasant smell and eaves the skin feeling smooth. The toner removes all excess cleanser and oil making the skin totally prepared to absorb day and night creams.
Directions: Using a cotton wool, slightly saturate the cotton wool ball with toner and wipe all over your face.

Balancing day Cream spf15
After just having my baby This cream was perfect for me, With my hormones all over the show I was having a slight breakout over my t zone and yet felt dry. This lightweight moisturizer absorbs into the skin easily and left me feeling very smooth yet comfortable and allowing for a smooth makeup application. The best part is the added spf15 so I know I am protected all day from the sun.

My only regret is that I did not get to try the night cream but I do intend to looking into purchasing that soon.
Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the range and Can not fault the product at all, it delivers as it says and I would recommend this to all to try.

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Justine Daily Skin Care Range - for oily skin

I absolutely loved this product - Plus it arrived at the perfect time...

I cleansed, toned and moisturised twice a day for the few weeks that I've been using Justine and I can already notice a huge difference in the way my skin looks and feels.

This product not only looks great, but smells great too..
I never broke out from using a new product, I never have to remove my make-up before cleansing and the toner doesn't feel like some of the "chemical" toners out there that burn or feel harsh on your skin.

I am a HUGE fan of this product and can quite comfortably say that I would be happy to use only Justine products on my skin...

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Justine Mattifying 3 Step, 3 Minute Daily Skincare Range

Justine 3 minute skin range for oily Skin, has really helped me combat my problems, regarding my skin such as oiliness and blackheads.

I use it daily, and ive really seen an improvement in my skin.

First I cleanse my skin, by using the clay cleanser. It needs to be applied to damp skin, and a small amount is required for each application. This cleanser feels nice on my skin it smells kind of minty and has a tingling effect once applied to the skin. To rinse it off is easy and my skin feels refreshed and smooth. Any dirt and grim that`s not only on the surface on the skin but deep within the skin like blackheads is removed, but allow the skin to retain and keeps its moisture and doesn't seem to dry it out at all.

Secondly, I tone my skin by making use of cotton balls to apply the toner. I don't rub the toner over my skin, however, I blot it on gently all over my skin especially my skin and oily T-zone which are my problem areas. The toner`s context is runny and thus only requires a small amount. With the toner I`ve noticed the pores of my skin have become smaller, which is great, so no extra dirt will gather, causing less blackheads to form on my skin ;-) This toner leaves my skin feeling refreshed.

Lastly, I moisturise my skin with the Mattifying Day Cream with SPF 15. It has a gel-lish texture which means its easily absorbed into my skin. It doesnt feel to heavy on my skin and it smells devine. Remember, its important to not only apply the moisturising day cream to the face, but it should also be applied to the ears and the neck which forms part of the face!

Please see my pics for the results thus far and I hope you like my review. Next review will contain my video. ;-)

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Justine Skincare-Mattifying Day 1-2

So ive been using the Justine Skincare Range for oily Skin which is the MATTIFYING range, and its been going well so far.

The range should be used as three steps, Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising.

Step 1: I love this cleanser because its a clay cleanser. Its more cool and soothing on my sensitive skin. The clay cleanser goes on easily onto my damp skin and it rinses off just as easily with luke-warm water, leaving my skin clean as well as gently exfoliated! ;-)

Step 2: Toning-The toner I found a bit irritating on my skin. I applied it with a cotton ball and it left my skin blotchy with red bumps, but I think this is due to me having more of a sensitive skin. However, it does smell really nice and after a good 20 minutes, the red bumps seemed to have disappeared, leaving my skin smooth.

Step 3: Moisturising-This day cream is more of a gel based day cream which i love as it leaves no traces of white marks unlike with a cream based day cream. It smells nice and is easily absorbed into my skin. My skin is left well moisturised and the results have been good thus far. I love the fact that it contains an SPF 15 so I dont need to apply any other additional skincare to my skin, after applying my day cream.

*I found the instructions on the back of each of the 3 products in the range really helpful, as sometimes one neglects to use products properly and the results are thus not satisfying. Ive attached a photo which describes easily how each one of these 3 products should be used! ;-)

My next review will include some photo`s showing results of my skin, stay tuned!

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Justine Daily Skincare -3 Step- Mattifying

I have just received my 3 step Skincare Range from Justine. Firstly, thank you Beauty Bulletin and Justine for this amazing opportunity to review these lovely products. I look forward to using and then describing in detail my experience and outcome based on this 3 step skincare routine.

I have received the Justine Daily Skincare Products, for oily skin which is MATTIFYING. The range consists of 1) Mattifying Clay Cleanser (150ml), 2) Mattifying Toner Lotion (200ml) and 3)Mattifying Day Cream SPF 15 (50ML) -p.s: im loving these full products as they can last a long time! ;-)

Tomorrow I will start using these products and I will keep the readers updated! ;-)

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Justine Mattifying range

I received the clay cleanser, toner and day cream to test. Excellent products for my oily skin! I can see(and feel) a difference after only 3 days. Instructions for use are very simple and easy to follow. You also use only a small amount of product per application, so the tube/bottle will last a while, making this excellent value for money. The product also has a great fragrance and is hypoallergenic. I will buy this product in future!

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