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Clarins Bright Plus Range
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June 26, 2015    
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Clarins Bright Plus Review

It's been just over 2 weeks and I'm ecstatic about the results I've achieved with the Clarins Bright Plus Range! I'm the beginning, I was really skeptical as I've tried many products for hyperpigmentation and dark marks on my face. It's not an easy procedure to achieve a flawless, even skin tone due to hormonal changes and change in seasons.

I've battled with acne during my high school days and all that was left was the scaring on my back and my cheeks. I've noticed a huge difference in the effectiveness of the products by the evenness and smoothness of my skin. The products also assisted me in removing a bit of red spots that I have due to sun exposure as there's spf20 in the day cream and body veil, which is crucial.

Evenness of skin:
I found that the serum did a good job by giving my skin a beautiful glow without makeup, as well as create an even skin tone and a smooth base when applying my foundation. I no longer need to use any form of colour correctors. I dive straight in to either applying a BB cream or light-to-medium coverage foundation. I've noticed a reduction in my dark undereye circles, which I'm thrilled about.

Texture of my skin:
My skin is generally oily around the T-zone area and it's dryest around the mouth and cheek area. The day cream is thick and creamy and left my skin glowing and moisturizer, although I did experience a bit of breakout around the cheek area because the consistency of the day cream is very thick.

Body texture:
The body veil loves up to its name. It gives me the hydration that my dry skin needs as well as lightening the acne scars I have on my back. The scent is subtle and the body veil is smooth and gentle on my eczema skin. A big A+ in my books!

All in all, each Clarins Bright Plus Product lives up to its name and provided me with the necessary moisture for my skin, as well as fading the dark marks I have around my face, leaving my skin with a beautiful glow.

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The Clarins Bright Plus Skincare Review
Clarins Bright Plus Range
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