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African Extracts Rooibos Advantage Range
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October 27, 2016    
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African Extracts Rooibos Advantage Skincare Range #skinlovesrooibos

Brand: African Extracts
Range: Advantage Skin Care
Products Tested: Hydrating Creamy Cleanser, Enriched Hand & Nail Cream SPF 15, Gentle Refining Polish, Intensive Day Cream with SPF 15
Prices and Sizes:Hydrating Creamy Cleanser R60 -125ml, Enriched Hand & Nail Cream SPF 15 R60-50ml, Gentle Refining Polish R60-75ml, Intensive Day Cream with SPF 15 R160-50ml
Availability: Most supermarkets, Clicks, and some pharmacies nationwide.

More About the African Extracts Advantage Skincare Range:
The Range Claims to Protect one's skin against environmental stresses, reduce visible signs of ageing. African Extracts Advantage range, is rich in powerful antioxidants and is also ideal for dry, stressed and mature skins. So why not TAKE ADVANTAGE if you catch my drift! ;-)

Bio-Active Rooibos, which is the key ingredient in this range, together with plant based advanced anti-ageing complexes and vitamins, boosts one's skin`s natural defences, protecting it against all kinds of harmful elements. Bio-Active Rooibos leaves is harvested in the Cederberg and the extract thereof contains high levels of antioxidants which combats the harmful action of free radicals. Free Radicals are the primary cause of anti-ageing.

First Impression of African Extracts Advantage Skincare Range
When I first received my package I was so obsessed with the beautiful looking boxes of each product. In a lavishly red coloured box with finer details of gold like finishes is what each product looks like. The products somehow reminds one of quality, the packaging is lovely and really is on par when it comes to the products inside each box.

My Experience with Each Product

Hydrating Creamy Cleanser - R60-125ml
This Creamy Cleanser was the first product I started testing and reviewing of the range. I absolutely loved the feel of the creamy cleanser (white in colour) on my skin. It's a non-foaming cleanser, and it basically needs to be applied on a damp face. Rub the cleanser in circular motions to gently cleanse one's skin and remove all impurities. The cleanser works well, and it actually left my skin feeling softer and more moisturised than any other cleanser I have ever used before. This cleanser is rich in Bio-Active Rooibos extract, aloe leaf extracts and Vitamins C and E, and is gentle enough to be used at least twice a day without causing the skin to dry out or feel damaged.

Enriched Hand and Nail Cream SPF 15 -R60-50 ml
This Hand and Nail cream turned out to be my favorite product of the four products I had received. It's a must have product under the African sun this summer. With the harsh African sun, I feel it is imperative for us females to look after our hands, and with an SPF of 15 contained in this hand and nail cream we really couldn't ask for any better. The hand cream comes in a compact size 50ml which makes it easy to carry around, as its not too big. Again one doesn't need to apply to much of the hand cream, as its very moisturising and almost feels like a glove once you have applied it onto your hands. Vitamin A and E is contained in this hand and nail cream, along with milk thistle extracts, Bio-Active Rooibos and UV Protection which will all help against the signs of ageing hands. The Keratin and Vitamin C in this hand and nail cream will promote strong, healthy nails. One can immediately see this hand and nail cream working once its been applied to the hands. Texture: Smooth white creamy lotion like hand cream, very moisturising and easily absorbs into the nails. This product smells amazing, as does all of the other products and has that unique rooibos cent to it.

Gentle Refining Polish - R60-R75ml
Now for me who suffers from sensitive skin, I was very sceptical when it came to trying out this product as I don't do facial scrubs or face washes that contain rough bits and bobs in them. My skin tends to breakout whenever friction is caused by small particles in any facial washes that my face comes into contact with, and I will suffer from small rashes and pimples. But I had to try out this refining polish just to experience it for myself. So off I went and gave it a try. And I must add this refining polish was so gentle, and actually exfoliated my skin removing all makeup buildup facial impurities like blackheads and whiteheads and left my skin smooth and clean. My face looked radiating after I used this product. I suggest using it at least once a week, since the Creamy Cleanser is very gentle and does not fulfill the need of exfoliating the facial skin. The Refining Polish also contains the Bio-Active Rooibos extract, jojoba, grape and apricot seed oil, as well as aloe leaf which is perfect for dry and mature skin. The generous 75ml size will last you quite some time, as you don't need much of the product for each application/use. Texture: A smooth peach like coloured polish which contains micro particles for exfoliating purposes.

Intensive Day Cream SPF 15-R160 -50ml
Confession time: I must admit I am not big on using day creams, so I haven't been using this day cream as often as I should shhhhh. Only a dot or two are required here and there on the skin, for optimal coverage. With SPF 15 protection is provided against UV rays, pollution and stress, also puffiness, loss of firmness and fine lines and wrinkles. Advanced anti-ageing complexes, Pronalen EAP, green tea to mention a few ingredients will help with and fight damaging free radicals in the skin and reduce puffiness. I should definitely make a point of using this day cream more often, and I hope to do so during the upcoming December holidays. For the two weeks I have been using it, its been good to me, and I must admit I made it form part of my night-time routine. ;-) In the morning my skin was left feeling softer and smoother, and smelling absolutely lovely. I honestly cannot get enough of the familiar rooibos tea kinda scent which all of the Advantage range products contain.

My Recommendation
I would definitely recommend the African Extracts Advantage Skincare Range not only to those with matured skin, but also those ladies with maturing skins. To me, the earlier you start to invest in a good quality skincare range, the better your skin will look and feel and to me skincare is very important. No amount of makeup or blush is going to cover up and conceal bad skin without anyone noticing anything, so great healthy skin should be on the top of every woman's list of priorities. The range is affordable, and product sizes is generous enough that the products will last you for some good amount of time. Also ingredients like Bio-Active Rooibos, Vitamins A,E, Keratin and aloe extracts to mention a few will help with all skincare needs whether it be anti-aging, firmness, puffiness, redness etc. The African Extracts Advantage skincare range has that fresh rooibos scent to it, and makes one immediately feel to have a good cup of tea while your skin is being treated to the best products containing plant extracts, is non allergenic and antioxidant rich. Products also fights against free radicals, is paraben free and endorsed by beauty without cruelty which means no animals were harmed in the making and testing of the products which is very important to me. These products get an overall 4.8/5 for me. #SkinLovesRooibos

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African Extracts Rooibos Advantage Skincare Range #skinlovesrooibos
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