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July 07, 2016    
(Updated: August 13, 2016)
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Hey beautties , It has been 28 days of the Kiehl's #ChangeYourSkin challenge , 28 days of using the 5 cult products . Thinking back on how my skin was before the chllenge , I did not have too many issues with my skin, but one can always improve their skin.

Powerful-Strength Line Reducing Concentrate : In general I had a love hate relationship with this product. My skin does feel a lot firmer so I can say the product does do the job it promises to do.My skin did get accustomed to the tingling warm sensation you get when applying the product. I just generally am not a fan of very strong products an I think its a little too strong for my skin.

Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution: Although all the spots on my face have not compeletly vanished they have reduced drastically in darkness ( barely there). I think definately a great product for small dark spots on your skin .

Creamy Eye Treatment: This one's a keeper , definately one my fave's . My eyes are moistrurized it seeps into your skin nicely and doesnt irritate the eyes .

Ultra facial Cream: Im not relly sure about this one its a very light weight moisturizer it did not sweep me off my feet.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate : Not parting ways with this baby . I enetered the challenge already a big fan of night oils and as the challenge ends my love affair with this product will continue. Great bottle which allows easy application, really hydrates the skin I wake up with softer brighter looking skin.

In conclusion I did not really have any major problems with the products. The two products which stood out to me is the Midnight recovery oil and the creamy avacado eye cream.


Hey there,
Its been three weeks on the Kiehl's 28 day #ChangeYourSkin challenge. I shall be updating you on how things have been going because the end is near. This week has gone like a breeze in general my skin does feel a bit different it is a lot firmer than before.

Powerful-Strength Line Reducing Concentrate :
I have gotten use to this product to the extent that i do not feel or should i say notice the tingling feeling when applying it . I mentioned that my skin feels a lot firmer I believe the firmness of my skin has to do with this product.

Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution:
I have been using this product on my dark spots in the beginning the darkness of the spots reduced drastically, but it seems that the lightening of the spots has reached a plateau . I say this because the darkness of the spots seems to be the same as last week.

Creamy Eye Treatment:
Still continuing to be a hit with me . This product keeps my under eyes hydrated and smooth.

Ultra facial Cream:
There is not much I can say about this face cream, Its a light weight cream and gives your skin full moisture ( came in really handy during the cold front this week). I have noticed though that using this has made my T-zone oil up faster when I apply makeup.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate :
A winning product still my favourite. When you wake up your skin just feels so smooth and looks brighter.


Its been a week since I began the Kiehl’s 28 day #changeYourSkin challenge using the 5 iconic products, so I am going to break down how things have been going so far .

Dermatologist Solutions Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate
This was the one product I was a bit sceptical to try, being 20 years old I have to be honest I haven't reached that stage in my life where lines and wrinkles are an issue for me, but I do have a few lines on my neck so I decided to keep an eye on those as I used the product. I am not particularly a fan of the tingling warm sensation you get after applying the product. But I have to admit I'm a fan of the orangey smell and I have noticed a small difference in the lines on my neck .

Dermatologist Solutions Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution
This is the product which has shown the greatest results in the first week . I have been using it on my cheeks focusing on all the dark spots I have from popping various annoying pimples. The dark spots have drastically reduced in darkness and I definitely have a feeling by the rate the product is working all the spots will be gone by the end of the challenge .

Midnight Recovery Concentrate
I think I have fallen in love , everything about this product makes me smile from the packaging, to the smell and to how soft and well moisturized my skin feelings in the morning . This one is a keeper!

Ultra Facial Cream
I must say I love this face cream it leaves my skin soft and well hydrated without the oily feeling. Its has a light weight formula so its perfect for those make-up days . The only con to this product is that it doesn't have SPF and I personally prefer day creams which have SPF ( you can always just use your own sunscreen).

Creamy eye treatment with Avocado
I never expected to really like this product one of my favourites , as I have mentioned above wrinkles ,lines etc have never really been a problem of mine but after using this I finally understand the importance of a good eye cream. The skin under my eyes looks so much more brighter helping me achieve a overall more a awake healthy look.

So far so good I have been enjoying the challenge and my skin care routine has gone up a notch


My first Impression
I have just received the Kiehls 5 iconic products and i am accepting the 28 day #ChangeYourSkin challenge . The products I received was the Dermatologist Solutions Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, Dermatologist Solutions Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Ultra Facial Cream and the Creamy eye treatment with Avocado.
So before I begin the challenge let me share a few things about my skin.

I have never been one prone to skin problems I get the occasional breakouts and extra oily T-zone . I have also had a constant battle with an uneven skin tone and have a few scars on my cheeks from popping my pimples ( which I know is so wrong ).

As a a year old student When it comes to my skin my goal is to have healthy, hydrated ,glowing skin and spend most my days with minimal makeup or no makeup at all. I love full moisture and products which are not too harsh .

Can't wait to begin the challenge , follow my journey (:

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