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July 07, 2016    
(Updated: July 26, 2016)
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Kiehl’s First Impressions & 1st Week Update/Review

Hi fellow Product lovers,

I'm Keneilwe aka @blackhairaffairblog a part time blogger and full time TV creative.

I am super excited to take part in the Keihls challenge because ofcourse I've already heard such awesome things about these products. So I wanted to see how it meets my skincare needs and standards.

I've always viewed skincare as an pleasurable part of being a woman, which it is.That's mainly because I never suffered from any extreme skin issues throughout my life. So there were times i wasn't concerned about products, ingedients or having a locked routine. Fast forward to me now at 27 that has all changed.
I have definitely realised that I do need to work on my skin if I want to keep the youthful and problem free for longer.So I'm constantly on a quest to find great skincare that will fix all my concerns.

So what are my skin concerns?
1.My constant MAIN skin concern throughout my 20's has been and always is dryness. I have dry skin all year round no matter the city but its more of a concern in Winter of course.

2. Another concern is also pigmentation especially around my eyes,lips and side burns. I know make-up can hide that all but I don't want to live in make-up. I enjoy a more natural look most days.

3. I'm not super concerned about aging & fine lines just yet but I figure I curb it now before it gets to that stage.

So I got my Kiehl’s 5 ICONIC goodies yesterday just in time and have already used them twice since. Last night, I tried the Midnight Recovery Concentrate which I was ecstatic to get because I've been considering getting a replenishing night oil. So far I liked the lightness of the oil a little 2 drops covered my entire face and I felt 0 tightness. I also used the Eye Treatment which I'm most eager to see work over time and I like the texture of it,not a lot is needed.

Then this morning I used the Dark Spot Solution along with Ultra Facial Cream. I didn't even wear make-up to work to full suss it out. My usually dry skin took to the moisturizer well.

Now to wait and see what my skin really says after 28 days. Can't wait for #High5toGreatSkin #ChangeYourSkin


It's been a little over a week and I'm optimistic Kiehl’s Change Your Skin challenge is going to get me to my skin goals! Check my recent post shower pic below. Do you see the grin on my face? Well, that's cause mid challenge I also recieved the coveted Clarsonic Mia2( thee Queen of facial brushes). Using it with Kiehl's Iconic 5 has taken my routine to another level((((((((((((BOOM)))))))))))))

I'm totally seeing changes, starting with the bags under my eyes courtesy of

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment:
The dark bags under my eyes have actually decreased a bit. I wasn't ready... this has been the most noticeable different on my face so far.

Ultra Facial Cream:
I struggle with dryness daily and this cream has kept my skin 100% hydrated & radiant. I haven't 't experienced any dryness during my day, after putting it on in the morning. On some days I've even ditched foundation to see if it's really that good & well it's all that and more. Totally sticking to this one

Corrective Dark Spot Solution:
I dont have many spots but I have pigmentation that I've had for years. I haven't noticed a difference there but I think my stubborn pigment needs a bit more than a week to really see this product work.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate
This product here is my new Winter holy grail. I will no longer skip my night routine before bed with it by my stand. I like the radiance it gives my skin by the morning. I'm so impressed I even put it to the test on my boyfriend who has been experiencing dry patches lately.

 So far I'm feeling the improvement I'm seeing and can't wait for Day 28.

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