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Johnson's® Hydration Essentials 2-in-1 Facial Gel Mask
Moisturizers,Day Creams, Night Creams
October 21, 2014    
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Johnson's Hydration Essentials 2-in-1 Facial Gel Mask

I tested my products on a few friends of mine to get enough feedback from people with different skin conditions.

My mom: she has very dry skin and also gets little skin cancers from time to time that she gets burnt off by the doctor.
Her impression of the gel mask - it feels soft and smooth, she also loved the smell and the fact that it was so easy to use. She liked the fact that it is a small jar so she can hide it from my brother who has a habit of using every type of lotion he can find.

My sister - she suffers from very dry skin that becomes flaky.
her impression - loved the smell, doesn't feel harsh at all. after washing off : feels so soft and smooth.

me - i have normal skin. i loved the smell, the feel, it's like silk on your skin, easy to use! i love the container it comes in. the price is perfect - not nearly as much as i am currently paying for my face creams and masks. I also love the fact that it is 1 product that can replace 2 of my current products

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