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Justine Mattifying Daily Skin Care Range
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March 31, 2014    
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Justine Mattifying Skin Care Range for Oily Skin

I received the Justine Mattifying Skin Care Range for Oily Skin to review. The products I got were a clay cleanser, toning lotion and day cream. There is also a night cream in the range, but I have not tested that out.

Justine has five different ranges for skin care, covering all skin types. There is Mattifying for oily skin, Hydrating for dry skin, Balancing for combination skin, Soothing for sensitive skin, and Perfecting for those of you who suffer from dark spots.

I have tried this product out twice a day for just over two weeks now, and for the most part I must say that I am impressed.

The packaging is a lovely mint green colour, and each product shows which number step it is via little highlighted green blocks IE the cleanser is block one, the toner block two and the day cream block three.

The cleanser is a clay cleanser, and has a thick consistency. A little goes a long way with this, and I find that it does quite a good job in removing oil from my face, and giving it a good deep cleanse.

The toner is alcohol-free, which I love. As someone who suffers from oily skin, I find that an alcohol-based toner works well at first by stripping the skin of oil, but the skin tends to then get too dried out and produces even more oil, leaving me in a worse position than I was before! This toner is different, and although I do feel tightness on my face after using it, I don't feel like it has dried my skin out.

The day cream has SPF 15 which is an absolute must for me. It is sort of gel-like in consistency, which I also like. The only thing that I am not 100% sold on is that it does leave my skin a bit shiny, but it's more of a "healthy glow" look rather than an "oil slick" look! I would, however, prefer if it left my skin completely matt.

All in all I think it is a good skin range for oily skin. I have found that the redness in my skin has also been reduced.

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