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Justine Daily skincare Soothing Moisturiser,Toner & Cleanser
Moisturizers,Day Creams, Night Creams
March 07, 2014    
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Justine 3 Step Skincare Moisturiser, Toner & Cleanser

Day 1: I have started today with my Justine 3 Step, 3 Minute skin care range for Dry & Sensitive skin. I really liked the smell of the cleanser. It is very soothing and I immediately felt a difference after I removed it from my face with luke warm water. I then proceeded with the toner. What I liked about the toner, is that it didn't left my skin feel dried out. It also made my skin feel very refreshed. The moisturiser also has a very nice smell. Although it felt a bit heavy on my skin. It felt like the "cheaper" moisturisers I have used before. As I am typing up my review now, the moisturiser has "settled" in, and I must say it is feeling a bit better now. My skin is definitely feeling softer. With regards to packaging, it is a bit on the plain side, but I like the purple. The cleanser bottle is very easy to open, but I found the toner bottle a bit harder to open with hand holding the cotton ball and the other the toner. I had the same problem with the moisturiser. The shape of the tub makes it a bit difficult to open, and I think this will be a problem when I am in a hurry. But it won't stop me from buying the product if it really works.

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Day 2 - After
Day 1 - Before
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