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Clinique Smart™ Night Custom-Repair Moisturizer

Clinique Smart™ Night Custom-Repair Moisturizer Hot

September 18, 2015  
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The Clinique Smart™ Night Custom-Repair Moisturizer helps to visibly repair lines and wrinkles, brightens, firms and imparts radiance. It is formulated with Smart™ hydration techonology which helps skin attract and retain moisture. Wake up with skin that looks and feels refreshed, firm, and alive with youth.


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Clinique does smart night repair

Another Clinique marvel in the smart skin range.

Just to rewind a bit, Clinique have launched a really smart skin care range which is ....... in essence really smart lol

I have been fortunate enough to receive the Night repair cream. Here are the smart facts:

The night cream is super versatile, easy to use and non-greasy on your skin. Ok there are 3 smart facts.

It acts as an anti-ageing, anti-sagging treatment while you sleep. 2 smart facts

It is easily absorbed and suitabel for most skin types. 2 smart facts. We are 7 smart facts.

That already tells you it must be a great product, right? Not convinced yet? Ok let me get to my review then.

Before I continue I have to mention though that the only not so smart thing is the price tag. Saw it priced for around R 800.

My review:

The cream comes in a very beautiful tub, reasonably sized and the cream is a white, non sticky and soluble type product. I could not pick up a distinct smell but found the product absorbs quite quickly and no residue is left on my skin.

I have been using the cream since last week and have not noticed a huge difference in my skkin tone as yet but it most certainly not as dry as it used to be and it is much brighter that what it was before.

It is no secret that I have always been eager to try Clinique but never had the financial means to do so. Their products are quite expensive and I do not think I will be able to re-purchase this any time soon when I run out. Lol

However, the product speaks for itself and delivers exceptional results, with regualr use I am sure. I love the velvery texture it leaves on my skin and continues to moisturise throughout the night. My skin looks great the next morning.

I am not going to say that this is a must-have beacuse many of the beauties on this forum might not be able to afford this product. I will say that this is a 'splurge" type product, now and then.

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