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Environ Focus Care™ Moisture+ Hydrating Oil Capsules
Eye Creams,Serums
October 25, 2018    
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Beauty Spa in a Container

My initial reaction in terms of 'liking' this product was definitely from the first impressions of seeing the packaging of the products. Minimalist cheek because it really is simple, easy to read, attractive and not to mention the convenience of getting an applicator brush with the masque. The fact that the masque is squeezed out really impressed me because for me that was the first.

So the excitement really started when I saw the products then it moved to the part of 'loving' the product on the first application. WOW!!! The feel and results are so immediate it's unbelievable.

From the first application of the masque and moisturizing capsules I could feel and see the difference in my skin. My concerns are really the area under my eyes and at times I unnecessarily wear makeup just to cover these line even if at home! Imagine. But after the first application of the Focus Care range, the next morning my skin felt softer, looked lighter and really felt 'light'. I seriously did not wear makeup that week because it felt so good!

I am still using the products in the evening and I look forward every night to using them because it really is a pamper spa in a bottle. I would definitely recommend and purchase these products for myself.

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