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Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate
Eye Creams,Serums
August 17, 2015    
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Week 1 of my Genefique Journey

Update of Week 1 of my Génifique Journey:

First Impressions:
If you saw my Youtube Video, you would have seen what my first impression of the product was. This beautifully packaged little black bottle lives up to Lancôme's reputation: Classy, Elegant and absolutely Fabulous!

The Product:
The first time I applied the serum onto my skin, it was ever so smooth, and my skin absorbed it beautifully. The serum is a very light-weight liquid that spreads onto the facial area beautifully, you don't even need a lot of it each time you apply it. This product may seem pricey, but once you get to experience the quality and how little you actually need to use, then the price worry falls away immediately.

The Outcome of week 1:
I am so impressed with this product! My skin is feeling a lot more hydrated, and I have a beautiful radiance from using the product. Usually in winter my skin feels dull and dry, but this serum is so amazing, and even though it is light-weight, it is very moisturising at the same time. Of course, while doing product reviews I have to take into account the reactions it has to my skin. I do have very sensitive skin so often when I start using a new product I get little red pimples, but its safe to say that they disappeared within two days.

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