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Lancôme Visionnaire Cx Advanced Skin Corrector Fluid - First Month Results
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January 08, 2015    
(Updated: February 09, 2015)
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Lancôme Visionnaire Cx Advanced Skin Corrector Fluid

I have always believed that all these products only work on white skin, and that all these people they used on their adverts were airbrushed, but my sentiments have changed. This is after a week-long of using the Lancôme Visionnaire Cx Advanced Skin Corrector Fluid. It`s so soft to the touch, leaves skin with a breeze of freshness, and it rejuvenates, giving it a youthful feel.

The challenges I have always had with my skin are oiliness, uneven skin tone, dark spots and visible open pores. I have used the serum for a week long and the following changes were showing within days of using the serum twice a day: my skin is suddenly soft, flawless, dark marks are fading, pores are not visible, no more signs of UV damages, acne marks have diminished, my skin is smoother and supple.

The price is reasonable, given the fact that this beats any cosmetic surgery. I am so excited about trying this product as I have now learnt to love my skin and embrace the youthfulness that comes with using this product. I am in my mid-thirties but I feel like am in my late 20s and sure as hell look like it....

Thank you to BB for this eye opener....

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