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Johnson Face Care Range Product Review
July 19, 2012    

I have suffered with my skin for as long as i can remember, from acne, to having really sensitive skin, to scarring, even to the point where i eventually became very fussy on what products i would use and any sign of a breakout of red patch somewhere, i would throw it out and hide. So as you can imagine, when Beauty Bulletin asked me to review their Johnson and Johnson range for skin, i nearly had a panic attack.
It was then that my mom actually mentioned that Johnson and Johnson has always been known as gentle and soothing product, everything you can expect to use on babies, so i thought, ok let’s try it out, can’t be that bad.
It has been everything great and more, i have never been able to use toner on my skin as it used to leave it red and welted, not with this product! I did the 3 in one step of cleansing, using the face wash, which not only smelt amazing, but was so creamy and gentle on my skin, it felt as if i was washing my face with marshmallows ? then i used the toner, i was waiting for the red to hit the fan when i noticed nothing was happening, there was only a lovely cool and refreshing feeling on my face, GREAT! And then of course, the cherry on top was the day cream. It was so smooth and velvety on my skin, my makeup smoothed on easily, there was no blotching and it left my skin feeling smooth for the rest of the day and not to mention smelling great.
Johnson and Johnson has definitely lived up to their name and has make me a converted 3 in 1 cleansing fan, i am hooked!!!!
I would recommend this product to whoever has been sceptical in the past and to the ladies who have extremely sensitive skin. This works and i have been converted ?

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