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Johnson Face Care Range Product Review
July 19, 2012    
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Overall I think this a great range. The most noticeable difference it made to my skin was an increase in softness. I love touching my skin after my cleansing routine. All the products were very gentle on my skin. No tingling, sensitivity or tightness. The Johnson’s range also has a great fragrance; I really enjoy this characteristic of the range. Below is my opinion on each product:

*Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes: My absolute FAV! I am a cleansing wipes junkie. This is definitely the best brand I have come across. Wipes are so convenient and great for removing makeup and excess dirt before your wash your face. The Johnson’s cleansing wipes are made from a great “fabric”. It is soft but really durable. The formula is also very effective in taking off makeup, especially mascara...and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, not sticky or tight.

Tip# I felt that the size of one wipe was just too big so if you are on a budget, keep a small pair of sterilised cosmetic scissors with your pack and cut each wipe in half as you need it.

*Refreshing Gel Wash: Love the little pink pearls in the formula. The gel wash is great if you have a slightly oily skin, your skin feels polished after you have cleansed. I find a little goes a long way.

Tip# Wash you face in the shower, this way you can make sure you cleanse properly on all those areas we tend to miss (neck, décolleté and behind the ears). The steam from the water will also open up your pores allowing the gel wash to cleanse more effectively.

*Refreshing 3in1 Toner: There is no alcohol in this product and it is really gentle on the skin. Great for removing any leftover dirt and preparing your skin for moisture.

*Day and Night Cream: The moisturisers absorbed right into my skin and did not feel clammy on my skin. This is a good sign that you have cleansed your face properly. They made my skin feel really soft and prepped it well for my make-up application.
I give this range a thumbs up for staying true to its claims and being affordable.

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