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Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Range
January 17, 2017    
(Updated: February 07, 2017)
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Dry No More... Moisture Galore!

"Work hard, play hard" is definitely how I live my life and can often leave my skin dehydrated. The air conditioning at the office, exposure to the sun when on holiday and the partying can often leave me with dry skin. Drinking water and eating well helps to bring the skin's moisture back from the inside but I need a little booster from the outside. This review came in perfect time after a great festive season. BB sent me Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Water Gel Cleanser, Facial Wipes and Gel Cream. This is how it all went down:

Facial wipes: We've all had the experience of stubborn waterproof mascara, right? Having to soap up the eyes, repeatedly washing them to remove the black stuff. Losing lashes and sometimes being left with racoon rings around the eyes. These wipes have eliminated that stress! The moisture softens the day's mascara, gently removes eyebrow shading and matte lipstick while leaving the skin refreshed, highly moisturised and smelling great. They were also very helpful in removing the remnants of my hair products that often seep onto my face from my hairline. I used my Neutrogena Hydro Boost facial wipes to remove excess hair treatment when styling my natural hair. It is worth mentioning that the wipes did not burn my eyes and did not have a harsh alcohol smell. This was definitely my favourite product of the range.

Water Gel Cleanser: Washing my face became a time that I looked forward to because the product smells and feels so great. Many face wash products leave the skin dry in an effort to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Others leave the skin unwashed, with a new layer of oil in an effort to keep the skin moisturised. To my pleasure, the Hydro Boost Water Gel did both well - it cleanses the skin and leaves it moisturised after rinsing, not leaving my skin feeling like I need a liquid toner afterwards.

Gel Cream: Using the Gel Cream during the day left my skin slightly dry which was understandable due to my acute sunburn that had my nose peeling but I switched back to my normal day cream and started using the Gel Cream in the evenings. This helped me lock in moisture that I gain while sleeping and had me waking up with a beautiful glow every morning. I would recommend that the Gel Cream be used at night while using an SPF based moisturiser during the day for the best results.

I will definitely continue using the products because I love what they have done for me. I can confidently say that I have bounced back! #AlwaysBounceBack

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