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Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil
October 06, 2014    
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Lipidol face oil review

One of my favorite cleansing methods is the oil cleanse. If you haven't heard of the 'oil cleansing method' before, click the link below for a quick all you need to know about the oil cleansing method.

Now that you know what the oil cleansing method is & how to do it, you've probably already figured the disadvantage to it.. Right? It's time consuming! Don't get me wrong, I love it, but it isn't really the ideal method of removing your makeup quick and easy after a long night when all you can think about is getting some beauty sleep! Not to mention all the muslin cloths that need to be used after every cleanse. 

When I was offered to do a review on the Lipidol Cleansing face oil, I was indeed very keen. The Lipidol range comes from the South African beauty product Bio-Oil. There products are suitable for sensitive skin, non-comedogenic ( they don't block your pores) and very affordable as every product in their range retails for R80.00 at selected Clicks stores. 

Lipidol aims to bring oils into your daily skincare routine so that the skins natural oils isn't stripped away and you're not left with tight dry skin in the end. Lipidol contains ingredients such as Roseship oil, pomegranate seed oil that has high antioxidant properties, as well as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E among many other wonderful skin loving ingredients. 

What really caught my attention about the Lipidol Face Cleansing oil is that it promises to emulsify when mixed with water on the skin and then simply rinse off! I couldn't imagine an oil rinsing off so easily 

Soon after I had received this product in the mail, I decided to give it a try. I applied the oil to my face and massaged it well so that the oil binds with the dirt and makeup that is on my skin, thereafter I wet my hand and massaged my skin further. The oil then turned into a watery milky texture and I simply rinsed it off.  ALL my makeup was taken off in one simple step which took me no longer than 3 minutes! After patting my skin dry, the Lipidol Face Oil left my skin feeling smooth, supple and most importantly, clean! Something I don't usually achieve with the regular oil cleansing method I had previously used ( I had to cleanse my skin again to get that fresh, oil free feeling). 

My final verdict: this product is well worth it! I will most definitely be purchasing this when I run out. 

*Please note that this product was sent to me, however, the review I have done on it is my personal opinion and in no way influenced by the company*

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