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Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil
October 06, 2014    
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How has Lipidol Facial Cleansing Oil left your ski looking and feeling after use?

I love my foundation and waterproof mascara but taking them off at night is a dreaded task or was a dreaded task until I started using Lipidol Facial Cleansing oil a week ago. Not only have I started using the cleansing oil in the morning before I put on my makeup to make my skin feel refreshed and soft but I also use it at night to remove my stubborn waterproof mascara. Every night I look forward to just smearing this amazing oil on my face and watch it as it removes all traces of make up without any effort, in just two days of use my skin was feeling extra smooth and I had a clear complexion.

Regardless of any skin type Lipidol Facial Cleansing oil does live up to its expectations. To someone who always has an oily t zone, using an oil cleanser would be like adding more to the oil but what I love about this cleansing oil is that after you apply it to your dry face all you have to do is wet your hands then rub them together to create a creamy texture that you will slather on your face, rinse with lukewarm water and that’s all there s to a clean, bacteria free skin in less than 5 minutes. Lipidol Cleansing face oil removed all the waterproof mascara I like to apply every day with less effort

Did you feel the need to put on moisturiser after use or did your skin feel oily?

After every use of the cleansing oil my skin would feel soft to the touch and really moisturised, there was no trace of any make up left and my skin was not even oily, I believe people of all skin types should try this. So I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

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