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Cetaphil Derma Control Moisturizer and Foam Face Wash
June 26, 2014    

Derma control face wash


Face wash,
I am in month 11 of Orratane treatment and taking 40mg daily,

I like that the face wash is a foaming wash, as i didn't have to lather it up as much, and there fore it was gentler on my skin,

I used the cetaphil derma control for the first two weeks on its own, but I had a little breakout (tiny raised bumps) and then started using it with my clarisonic, and it cleared up in a day,

I specifically like that this face wash is gentle while still leaving me feeling like my face is super clean, but it the glycerin in it does not dry out my face!
This face wash did not irritate my skin at all, and when I applied my face cream it did not burn which was an issue I had with my old face wash,
I will definitely be buying this again, as it is a much cheaper alternative to what I using before, and the results are just as good!

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