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Avon Care Firming Body Lotion
Body Moisturizers
June 28, 2011    

I found this lotion doesn't really help me so much with cellulite and the orange peel look, but I've noticed that frequent use of the product has had an improvement on my skin. My skin looks healthier and tighter. This lotion is super affordable and when it's on special it retails for R30 for 400ml which I think is more than enough for the price. An important fact which I should mention is that the lotion isn't thick, it's actually a little bit weak so it needs some good massaging in. It has a light fragrance which is fresh. Plus it's non sticky and absorbs easily so your body won't have that damp uncomfortable feeling.

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Haffajee Written by Haffajee
April 17, 2013
Agreed about the's a summer lotion rather than a deep winter nourishing lotion
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