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JOHNSON’S® Top-to-toe Range
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July 05, 2017    
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Johnson's Top-to-Toe range

With the harsh dry winters in Jo'burg, I'm always looking for the best products for my baby's skin regime.

Lately I've noticed that her legs are dry in the morning, she is extremely mobile. Crawling, walking, climbing a step or two (under supervision of course). I thought that maybe all the activity on my cold tiled floors was making her skin dry.

Almost at every nappy change, I was reapplying cream to her legs. Adriana is 1 years old and exploring everything around her, I couldn't stop her from being mobile. I found it strange that despite my efforts of lathering the cream at night and using a humidifier in her bedroom, the scaly skin didn't budge.

The 2 Step Johnson's Top-to-Toe range couldn't have come at a better time. I knew I had nothing to lose. Johnson's has always been a well recognised and well recommended brand. I figured maybe I should try the brand again on my baby's skin.

The package arrived in a beautiful white box. I was excited to see what the brand had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised with all the items it arrived with. Starting off with a Top-to-Toe wash; massage lotion; extra moisturising cream and massage oil.

At first I was confused with all the products. I wasn't sure which one to use. It dawned on me that it's a 2 Step range and I should read the bottles. The choice was mine on what to use to moisturise my baby's skin. The indicators on the back on the bottles is a real help.

I started off with the wash and thought I'd try the massage lotion first. I found that a little lotion goes a long way. So there is no need to lather on numerous layers of lotion.Plus it absorbs easily into the skin.

It is a sweet smelling lotion that makes my baby smell delicious! No mom can resist the smell of her baby.

The price of the items is excellent for what you are getting.

It's great quality too.

After a day of using it, I noticed the difference on my baby's legs. No dry scaly skin to be seen.

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Johnson's Top-to-toe range
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