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Hey Gorgeous Rose Petal Bath Milk Hot

May 05, 2013  
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This is by far the Hey Gorgeous product that goes down extremely well with all the ladies I talk to.

It is 200 grams of pure bliss the the form of Bicarb of soda, epsom salts and essential oils. When I show prospective buyers the sample packet they FLIP OUT!! The instructions specifically says:

Pour a generous amount into your bath water, grab a glass of your favorite something, tell the kids to go play and..... RELAX.

I decided to give it a try (Duh, who wouldn't? I'm so lucky I have all these samples). Since I don't have kids, I told my boyfriend to go and play. (lol) A friend of mine coined the phrase "It's like Med-lemon for your soul", well I'm stealing it now because there is no better way to describe it. I happened to have had a really bad day but after my luxury bath, I felt so much better.

If you try only one thing in the Hey Gorgeous range, let it be the absolutely fantasticly Gorgeous Rose petal Bath Milk. Cleopatra has nothing on this!

All the Hey Gorgeous products are completely vegan and organic.





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