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Dettol Even Tone Hygiene Soap
Bath Soaps, Cleansers, Washes
April 21, 2016    
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Week 2

I am well into my second week of using this soap, i have already gone through a few bars...i'm enjoying it so much that my regular bath products are taking a back seat.

My whole family loves it ,we especially love the exfoliating aspect of the soap . Those tiny grains are so effective and gentle at exfoliating.

Who wouldn't be sceptical if they are told that a soap can even out skin tone ? I was totally sceptical and that's what made me take the challenge . i am pleasantly surprised to say that the skin on my hands ,which are always exposed to the sun and is darker that than the rest of my body ,has been lightened considerably . i am waiting anxiously to see more results with prolonged use.

I use this on my face too and that was a major leap of faith for me ..and i don't find it drying to my skin . it is very gentle and cleansing. I am also loving the feel of my skin each time i use the soap. The scent of the soap is nothing at all you would expect from a hygiene soap which is quite amazing. I love it.

Initially i thought the grains on the soap would come off onto my skin but no such thing ! Not a single grain rubbed off onto my skin and i also thought that with continued use the soap would lose its exfoliating properties, not fact i find that it works better use after use.

I have taken before and after pics which i will be posting .

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