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Dettol Even Tone Hygiene Soap
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April 21, 2016    
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Dettol: Let's take on the Even tone challenge

I know I am supposed to wait at least two weeks before I compile this review but, I decided to do it today for two reasons.

Firstly, I realized that I will not have much soap left to write a review after two weeks because I am not the only one using it and, most of all

I was soooo impressed with the results of the soap I had to report asap before I got side tracked so here goes:

After I got the email about the Dettol challenge I immediately ordered my soap from at only R 12.00. I started using it that very night and found it heavenly.

The soap smells like cocoa butter and butter oil with tiny micro particles that gently scrub your skin leaving it feeling completely soft, sooo moisturised and looking literally even toned.

My plan was to use the soap on all the areas where the mosquitoes bit me and left a nasty mark when the pimple healed. Last year, In December, I was viciously attacked by mosquitoes while on holiday in December. I had bumps all over my body and it took very long to heal. Up to February I still had bumps and scars.

That is why this even tone soap was so welcome and I was sooo excited to give it a shot. Please see my pictures at the end of this review.

I found the soap to be very mid and refreshing. Plus, no need for body moisturiser because the soap does all that for you and I noticed a significant improvement in my skin colour, from dark to light; more even in colour. I am so happy.

The unfortunate part is that I am not left with much soap because hubby also likes it. I think I have less than a quarter bar left after like almost 4 days.

Nevertheless, I am happy, my skin looks and feels great and I guess I can always buy another one later.

I love this soap so much.

For my finale I am going to upload a video review, at the end of next week to express just how much I enjoyed this soap helping me achieve an even skin tone.

Take Care niw

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