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LUX™ Soft Touch Beauty Bar
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October 28, 2015    
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Lux Soft Touch

After A really long and difficult day I arrived home to find a package with 4 soap bars! What an incredible surprise! Being me I immediately decided to jump into the shower and test it out! I found the smell, French roses to be incredibly relaxing and calming and left the shower feeling squeaky clean and fresh!

I suffer from dry skin and found that the soap was slightly drying if I didn't apply my lotion straight afterwards. I also found the packaging to be slippery and I ended up dropping and denting my soap bar before utilizing it. At R5.99 this is really a steal and is value for money. I can see a bar lasting up to 2 months with daily usage if utilized in conjunction with a loofah!

I gave my husband, my children's nanny and my Grandmother in law a soap bar each to test, hitting then the male and older generation markets.

My nanny absolutely loved the treat and could not quite believe that she could get a bar for R5.99! She loved the fragrance and its ability to sud her up well after a day of stickiness from my children. She said that it made her feel incredibly special and womanly which she hasn't felt in a while.

My husband took some convincing as the smell was very overt for someone who is distinctly masculine. That being said body lotion is too much for him:) Although he loved its ability to clean he was not a fan and I suspect that this product will be more of a hit in the female market. He did however like the way I smelt afterwards.

My Grandmother in law rotates between her grandchildren's houses and as such uses so many products based on where she is staying in that particular month. She also is a good person to test a product as she has tried almost everything in her lifetime. Upon receiving she soap she informed me that "Lux is the soap for International Beauty Stars." I think at some time that was the ad point and it stuck with her. With that in mind she eagerly set about testing this product! She shared that although she found the scent overwhelming initially once in the shower it was less discernible and she really enjoyed the pampering experience. AS one to whom cleanliness is paramount, this soap passed her cleanliness test and she has asked me to purchase her another bar:) Good enough for this beauty star:)

Overall this soap was a hit in my home and I would recommend it to any woman looking for an affordable pick me up.

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