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LUX™ Soft Touch Beauty Bar
Bath Soaps, Cleansers, Washes
October 28, 2015    
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Lux Soft Touch Beauty Bar: First Impressions and Thoughts

Now, firstly thank you Beauty Bulletin for being super generous and sending me 4 of the 100g bars of Lux Soft Touch Soaps. I know ultimately it makes a big one, which equates to 400g, but nothing beats the fact of constantly reminding myself that I have 4 of these super little gems for my own, personal use!

First impressions: This soap basically made my whole room smell fantastic. I left it to sit for a day or two, before I finally got to it and opened it. Upon opening the package, the heavenly smells from the soap, made me oh-so-curious to just try it out asap! The pretty pink packaging as well as the design of the soap, with the indented flowery imprint on it, made me feel royal in some sense. Not to mention that I knew this soap had been manufactured by some of world`s most renowned perfume houses. I absolutely could not get enough of it.

About this beauty bar: Officially- this beauty bar, contains notes of amongst others: Mandarin, blueberry, violet, rose, spices of sorts, as well as Amber, must and woods.
The SilkEssence added into this beauty bar, leaves your skin moistured and soft for a long time after you have used it, and guess what: you will smell like a dream too, thanks to the touch of the perfume in the soap.

My Experience: For me, at times perfumed soaps, make my skin flare up really badly, because its too strongly perfumed or I get the itchies. With this Beauty bar though, I must mention, I never once found it irritating or damaging to my skin. I could actually enjoy it. I loved using this soap, even my mom asked me about it, think she is also hooked on it.. but shhhhh - don't say I told you that! ;-)

The perfume added is lovely, but not overwhelming and the Silk Essence is just that extra bonus, which left my skin soft and moistured after each use. I must confess I am hooked! I am now using this soap on a daily basis, and I just never go wrong with it. Its affordable too at R5.99 for a 100 g and R11.99 for a 175g bar. Its available from most retail shopping outlets, so its convenient to pop around to your closest, shoprite, checkers or pick n pay store to pick up this Beauty Bar. I love that this soap is super creamy, and that I could actually lather it all over my body, once I mixed it with water and my body rag. *Please see picture of the swatch I include in this review. And as easy as you soap yourself up, the lather is very easily rinsed off, leaving your skin soft, moistured and smelling heavenly, without any residue on your skin or any oiliness!

Again, I love the indented print, makes me feel spoiled as its different to other soaps.
Immediately I could pick up on some kind of flowers, roses I thought to myself, as well as something fruity.

*Thanks Beauty Bulletin for allowing me this opportunity to test and review this product and also thank you Lux for this amazing, affordable but luxurious Beauty Bar.

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