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LUX (Body Wash and Soap)
Bath Soaps, Cleansers, Washes
June 18, 2014    

Lux Body wash amd beauty bars

Beauty Bulletin was kind enough to send me a Lux body wash and 2 bars of Lux soap to try out.
This green bottle of body wash is the best thing since body wash was invented! It contains mint and cucumber. It smells AMAZING and feels like silk on my skin. The mint in it makes me feel so fresh and wonderful.
1 of the bars of soap is also a mint and cucumber which is also great but I do prefer the body wash. The 2nd bar is Scarlet blossom and it smells so pretty with the Egyptian cilet and Elemi oil!
I prefer body wash to soap bars but they're all really lovely and I would recommend it to anyone

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