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Lux new range - Product Review Club
Bath Soaps, Cleansers, Washes
June 04, 2014    
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Lux new range - Product Review Club

I am a huge fan of Lux products and have years of positive experience with their range. I have used their shower range and soap bars before and was definitely not disappointed. As soon as I learned that Lux had a new range I was eager to try it out.

As always The Beauty Bulletin hosts amazing review clubs and I kept holding thumbs that I would be selected to review Lux’s new range.

I was overwhelmed when I learned that I was chosen to be a member of the Lux review club. Lux means more to me than just a beauty product; it holds a special place in my heart as it reminds me of my grandparents and the priceless moments I spent with them when I was younger. They swore by Lux, it was the only brand that they bought in abundance; they had a special cupboard in their bedroom just for stocking these soap bars. Their room always smelled fresh, floral and like a bouquet of flowers, as I became older I discovered it was these mesmerizing fragranced Lux soap bars infusing the room with an amazing aromatic scent every time the cupboard door was opened.

The Beauty Bulletin sent me the following items to review, here are my thoughts:

I instantly noticed how bright, colourful and cheerful the packaging was.

Lux Body Wash (200ml): I prefer to use body wash in the shower, from the moment I popped the cap, the strong flowery fragrance burst through and I felt revitalised. I was amazed at how a little goes along way, I didn’t have to add much to my loofer and it created a lot of lather and foam which is exactly what I look for when exfoliating, this is an important factor as I have tried many body washes which have not performed this well. The Lux body wash left my skin feeling silky soft, unlike other body washes that leaves my skin feeling dry and tight like it can crack. I didn’t feel the need to use body lotion after as the Lux body wash left my skin feeling moisturised and flowery scented. I feel that this body wash is reasonably priced; a 200ml bottle is available at Checkers at the price of R19.99 each.

Lux Scarlet Blossom Soap Bar & Lux Soft Touch Soap Bar (200g): It is not very often that I can make time to take a bath as my lifestyle is very rushed and I tend to shower instead. Whenever I need to de -stress I prepare a calming bath to help me relax and unwind. These Lux soap bars gave me the perfect opportunity to take advantage of such a situation. It gave me enough time to lather the soap bar onto my loofer and create so much creamy foam that the bath tub looked as if I had added an entire bottle of bubble bath to it. While soaking in this bubbly white foam my skin felt smooth and rejuvenated there was no need for me to apply body lotion after and there was the added bonus of the sweet fragrance left behind on my supple skin. I feel that this soap bar is reasonably priced as it lasts long; a 200g is available at Checkers at the price of R8.99 each.

Lux products definitely exude radiance and will leave you feeling confident and exuberated.

Overall, I enjoyed reviewing these items but I have to say my favourite is the Lux body wash, simply because I prefer to shower instead of bath and it is more convenient for me to pop the cap of the body wash and squeeze some onto my loofer if I’m in a hurry. The soap bars I would use if I had time to spare to relax in a bath.

I am truly amazed; Lux really outshines other products when it comes to making you feel beautiful. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Lux is associated with memorable stars of Hollywood such as Ava Gardener, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot who endorse the Lux brand. I will continue to use their products and am enthusiastic about what they have planned for the future.

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Nomahlubi02 Written by Nomahlubi02
June 12, 2014
Great review. You sure do love your Lux :)
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