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Sorbet Age Affect Skincare Range
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December 01, 2014    
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Sorbet products for the win!

Oh, I have so much love in my heart for Sorbet. Ever since I've discovered the salon franchise, I couldn't exactly picture going anywhere else for that well deserved mani, pedi or facial. I've been to several branches all around Cape Town and had NOT ONE disappointing service.

Great was my excited as the franchise was starting to expand her beautifully manicured feelers towards products, and collaborating with Clicks. Now you could take a piece of Sorbet home with you and experience your own spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. I was particularly excited when I heard about the latest skincare range being launched. When I was offered the Sorbet Age Affect Day Cream with SPF15, I was all over it - I know as a 27-year old my skin is starting to show little signs of things I haven't really worried before - little crow's feet that won't go away, freckles that get darker and darker and won't leave, etc ... I know that it's feasible to start caring for your future skin ASAP, but ag man, what's that tan and naughty social cigarette between friends? (don't do it, kids. Seriously, don't).

This is what the Clicks website had to say about the new Age Affect range:

'Skin regeneration slows down as we age, wrinkles begin to appear and skin becomes less firm. Sorbet Age Affect contains a scientific combination of powerful actives (MATRIXYL® synthe'6TM/ Gatuline® Expression/IdealiftTM) and age-fighting Vitamins A,C & E to help combat the signs of ageing and restore your skin, resulting in a healthy and youthful appearance.'

Basically, a lot of big words and scientific gobbledegook, but overally, something awesome to look for in a skincare product. Well, I could live with these qualities.

So, I've been using the Day Cream in the Sorbet Age Affect range for a week now and so far, I'm impressed. The packaging is playful, yet elegant - the pot is sturdy and a great asset on my bathroom counter. But except for that, this day cream is rich, yet easily absorbed. It has that typical 'sunscreen' smell, but not heavily perfumed at all. I find that the consistency is thick, but once absorbed, it creates a perfect smooth canvas for makeup. Over a week, my skin feels generally softer and I see less of that 'makeup settling into fine lines and forehead wrinkles' grossness that makes me feel so self conscious (are you feeling me here? Am I the only one?)

The one thing that might be seen as a bit of a disappointment, is the low SPF. Kids, listen to me ... SPF15 is NOT enough ... settle for SPF50 and slather it ALL over your face and chest (and drink water, and eat your greens and DON'T SMOKE!), but overall, I am impressed and actually excited to apply this product all over my skin.

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judyf Written by judyf
October 29, 2015
So interesting reading this review, I have had a diametrically opposite experience. Not only do I find the products completely ineffective, I think that my skin has almost become worse after using them. It's been a really long time since I was this "anti" a product. I feel like I wasted hundreds of Rands on my purchase, I bought a cleanser, a moisturiser for day and for night and a serum which is in the worst packaging I have ever come across. In fact the dispenser for the serum is so unsuited for the job that I can't even use the "special" dropper to get the serum out of the container. I have to use the dropper as a spatula to scoop it out! Definitely won't be buying Sorbet skincare products ever again - what a waste of my hard-earned money!
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