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NIVEA CELLular Anti-Age Concentrated Skin-Refining Serum
Anti-Ageing Creams
March 27, 2014    

Nivea Anti Age Serum

Hi Ladies, I finally got round to retrieving my package from the post office yesterday and opened it to find a very high tech silver and white box of Nivea Serum - the aim of the product is to tighten and plump aging skin. Seeing the ad on TV last night also looked interesting as it showed women in each cell excercising - as if re- awakening dormant space! I loved it. I have used serums before and found them to be rather watery - but this one seems more substantial in basis. I will apply it from tonight. Obviously with aging one worries most about wrinkles and puffiness around the eye area, so I want to see if it helps as I offen get puffiness under my right eye due to tiredness or excessive rubbing. I loathe lathering on night cream, so I am rather excited to see if this does work so please see this review as a work in progress - I will post comments as I go along. What I have found with serums is their particular effectiveness to quickly heal a pimple, open tiny nick or mark on the face far faster than a cream. I want to see if this is the case again. Thank you Nivea for choosing me as a guest tester - I'm all up to look 30 again!

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Jackie O Written by Jackie O
March 25, 2014
I have used the product for two days now and must say - above all else it is incredibly refreshing to use. Unlike lathering on thick moisturiser at night It is a very finely textured softly perfumed cream rhat allows one to get to the fine spots with one finger. At my age it is the frown lines between my eyebrows that need the most attention. I have notices the puffiness has decreased under the eye and the light, smooth non greasy formula is a pleasure to put on. i will visit Clicks/ Diskem to get price and wherther one should use it with a night cream or not. i am still amazed by the ealing properties of the marigold extract. After having a lip wax i had a bleeding bemish next to my nose that has cleared in two days. I will definately continue using the product. It is not difficult or wasteful to dispense, which i like and has proved very useful to me.
Jackie O Written by Jackie O
September 09, 2014
I must say this is one of the best products I have ever used from Nivea. I really enjoy using the serum even on dry lips as it hydrates the skin beautifully. It is definately one for the regular shopping basket and I really appreciated being able to trial it.
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