Acne and Blemish Creams


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Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel
Acne and Blemish Creams
July 10, 2014    


I was absolutely ecstatic when I received this product to review through Beauty Bulletin. I have always wanted to try Clinique as they have various products for correcting dark marks and I have been extremely self conscious of the appearance of my facial skin (especially as I am not big on wearing full make-up everyday).

I have used the product for 3 weeks, day and night as directed. I was hoping that it would clear up my uneven skin tone a bit, however it is with great disappointment that I have to say I do not see the results I wished or thought I would. The one thing that this product did do was get rid of spots at they appear, which I do not have a great problem with but it helped.

I found the product to be a bit harsh on the skin and also the smell of the product very overpowering, indicative of its harshness. This did however start improving by week three as I found it less of a burning sensation when applying same. I was very surprised however that despite its harsh appearance it did not dry out my already dry skin even more - that was good.

Perhaps using this product together with other Clinique products will yield better results faster.

The verdict - bit disappointed, but happy I got the chance to try the product. Not sure if I am willing to pay the cost of the product to try again and hope results will improve with more continuous use - three weeks of using the product has not sold me on going out and buying it.

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July 09, 2014
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