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Face and Body
March 13, 2015    
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#Win #FridayPrizeDay Firstly I absolutely love how these bottles come in all shapes and sizes and its oh so shiny!!! so i would place them in and all around my home and even include my bf in on the action since there`s an after shave oil in there too.. Along with placing them all over my home, i would place candles along with it, as it reminds me of all kinds of candles and heavenly scents.. by placing these oh so glamorous oils all around different locations in my home, i would always have access to a little moment of pleasure.. as I would be able to just spoil myself with some cleansing body oil, in my room, for when i get out the bath/shower. cleansing face oil, for in my bedroom ,right infront of my mirror to look oh so glam after my shower.my sunscreen oil, in my best work bag, because one never knows when those beach days might just pop up and also, sunscreen is always welcome any day or night so id rather have it close to me. after shave oil for both myself and my man, so this gets to stand on my dresser so both my bf and myself has easy access to it.. what a spoil right my overnight face oil, this i would hide so id give it a space in my cosmetics cupboard as part of my dail regime..aaah heaven and my after shower oil in the shower ofcoz.. mmmm thinking about those candles and that oil =spoiled! my body oil to finish off everything.. so close to the coach where i would unwind with a glass of wine and some chocolate ofcoz!! ;-))) and thats how id place these gems all around but close to me in my home ofcoz!???

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