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Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Range
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September 12, 2016    
(Updated: October 12, 2016)
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Dark and Lovely Au Naturale

I had the pleasure of trying out dark and lovely’s new Au Natural range- which caters specifically for natural hair. I have 4c hair textured hair which tends to be on the drier side. I also suffer from tangling and breakage due to heat damage.

Moisture-Replenishing Shampoo: I really enjoyed this shampoo. I love the consistency of it (it’s not too thick but at the same time not too runny) and it smells amazing! This product claims to cleanse and bring moisture to the scalp- which is not far from the truth. This shampoo did an excellent job at cleansing and bringing moisture to my hair (which was a huge plus as most shampoos tend to dry my hair). This shampoo left my hair feeling super soft and smelling amazing! I would definitely recommend and repurchase this product.

Knot-Out Conditioner: This product claims to easily detangle, soften and protect hair from dryness. My first experience with this product was horrifying! I didn’t detangle my hair properly prior to shampooing and applying the conditioner (I also decided not to follow the instructions which require you to comb through your hair with a comb once you’ve applied the product- I just finger detangled). This resulted in my hair matting*. I decided to give it another try and follow the instructions this time!
After using the product the correct way I found that it did a decent job at making the detangling and adding moisture to my hair, however, this product still didn’t manage to wow me. I wouldn’t repurchase this product.

*tangling in a thick mass.

Afro Moisturizing Butter: This product has a pretty thick consistency and it also had the tendency to leave a little bit of residue. It did a great job at moisturising and softening my hair, however, I felt that it was a bit too heavy on my hair. It is something I would consider repurchasing.

Plaiting pudding cream: This is the product I was the most excited about trying. I used it in a twist out and it produced some beautifully defined curls. However, I wish it did a better job at maintaining the curls as they only lasted a day in my hair- meaning I had to re-twist my hair every night to maintain the style. The product also leaves some flaky residue once dry. I would consider repurchasing this product.

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