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Coconut Oil
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June 23, 2014    
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Coconut Oil - My ride or die

Consistanty/smell: liquid form on warmer days and solid on colder days. light coconutish smell
Price: About R50 for a 1lt (Quinns Brands @ Spar)

I am so in love with coconut oil. I use it face, body and hair. It's great :)

Face routine: I wash my face at night and then I massage a small amount onto my face, I've seen a great difference and the dark circle under my eyes are much lighter. My face feel moisturized and soft with a nice glow.

Body routine: I apply a small amount under my armpits after I bath and there the dark marks have really lighten. I also use it after I shave, makes it really soft and relieves the burning.

Hair routine: I prepoo with coconut oil, so basically I heat up some coconut oil and massage it into my scalp and the length of my hair before each wash, I put on a plastic cap for about an 1hour. I then rinse my hair and shampoo, then I add a little more coconut oil to my deep conditioner or normal conditioner and let that sit for about 30 minutes. I rollerset and apply a little again. On dry hair I apply coconut oil to the length of my hair each time I moisturize. My hair is softer, stronger, longer and healthier than ever.

Would I buy it again: Hell YES !! I love this stuff. It's so versitile that it can be used for anything

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