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Dark and Lovely Go Intense in Dazzling Brown
Hair Dyes
August 03, 2013    
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Dark and Lovely Go Intense in Dazzling Brown

I bought this product when I desperately needed to colour my hair but was very very strapped for cash. At R19.99 I think this is the most affordable hair dye on the market. My friends were so sceptical and thought my hair would burn or fall out but I was and still am impressed that a product so cheap can be so effective. I usually colour my hair a dark brown but I decided to go for a lighter colour for a change. One box is enough for my shoulder length fine hair but any longer and any thicker hair should buy 2 or 3 boxes. When I applied the product I was already put at ease because there are no harsh ammonia smells and it absorbed well into my hair. I was even more happy when I washed it out and my hair was soft and managable and not at all dry and sticky. The pic I've posted is testament to this.

I simply love this colour. I've dyed my hair for the 2nd time with it and I have ONLY ONE complaint. It doesnt cover my greys. If only the product would do this, then I would give it 10 out of 10 but alas...

Put your sceptism aside and try it!

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