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Aunt Jackie's Quench Moisture intensive Leave in conditioner
March 15, 2017    
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Aunt Jackie's Quench Moisture intensive Leave in Conditioner

After washing and deep conditioning my hair, I apply this leave in conditioner while my hair is damp then i follow with my oil and butter to seal. I section my hair into 8 small sections and apply to each section, combing it through to make sure it goes in. Then I twist each of the 8 sections to keep my hair stretched. You can do this to fewer sections, depending on your hair length.

It is light weight and doesn't weigh down my hair. It completely dissolves once it dries up and I don't end up with white flakes on my hair. It smells delightful like the rest of this Aunt Jackie's range. It's kind of like a signature scent, like the bright colours that you cannot miss when you're doing your shopping.

It leaves my hair soft and my wide tooth comb glides through, making it fairly easy to detangle my hair. My hair stays soft for days, making moisturising it a breeze when I follow with my oil and butter to seal in the moisture.

It's a constant repurchase for me and I recommend it especially when you have very coily hair. The leave-in just clings onto my hair follicles keeping them smooth and hydrated. Of course you must seal this in, else it will go to waste.

The leave-in contains Marshmallow Root and I believe it makes all the difference. Marshmallow Root is great for soothing and relieving the scalp and hair but it’s also super slippery so it’s great for getting and keeping those knots out of your hair.

My hair enjoys this Leave-in Conditioner.

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