Do you ever feel like your expensive actives are not performing to the best of their abilities? Before you render them useless and move on to "better" products try the following:

BHA! This is not just for controlling oil and acne. Oh no... Remember that Beta Hydroxy Acid penetrates much deeper than Alpha Hydroxy Acid as it is an oil-soluble. This means it penetrates below surface level deep into your pores and rids them of dead skin & sebum. Therefore, it ensures better absorption of all your lovely actives.

A thick serum form will not do the job as those types of formulas are meant more for controlling acne & oil & should only be used as spot treatments. Look for a salicylic acid toner type solution. Something light that is not too viscous & dries down fast as it will allow for easier & deeper absorption of your other products.

You can boost your AHA / Hyaluronic Serum & even your Retinol. NOTE: Do not try to boost your Retin A as it is very different from Retinol & you will regret it.

For you advanced users who are working with high concentration actives - you will obtain maximum results & fall in love with all your products again!
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